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Egg Shell Painting Workshop With Swagata Godbole

Egg Shell Painting Workshop

Egg Shell Painting Workshop: The art of eggshell painting is a very unique form of painting. It includes painting on the outer surface of the shell beautifying the shell. A great alternative for decorating homes or gifting. To have a hands-on experience of this rare art, Rajasthan Studio curated a Egg Shell Painting Workshop and invited Swagata Godabole. A pharmacist by profession yet an art lover at heart, she is an avid learner and an experimental artist. 

The Egg Shell Painting Workshop Began

Swagata began the session by briefing about the art style and started demonstrating the first and most important step, how to empty the egg by using a pin and making holes at the top and bottom surface. All the 20 curious attendees carefully observed and some even tried to make it. Soon after that, Swagata instructed how to dry the egg and prepare it before painting. She began to draw the motif on the egg with a very light hand using an HB pencil. Once the motif was drawn, Swagata began to paint the motif layer by layer using acrylic paint. She also demonstrated how to paint highlights and shadows using flat colours. Finally, she outlined the motif using a black permanent marker and completed the egg shell painting.

Towards The End Of The Workshop

At the end of the workshop, the attendees displayed their painted eggshells on the camera which surprised Swagata. She shared some useful tips with them for perfect egg painted shells. Swagata also displayed some of her egg painted shells, which impressed the participants. The attendees also suggested using those as Easter eggs. It was a fun-filled experience for all the participants.

All the attendees were from different parts of the country and belonged to different age groups but their love for art brought them together on a single platform. Rajasthan studio as always was successful in connecting artists and curating a magical and positive vibe together.

On this note, here’s us signing off until next time!

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