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Ear Bud Painting Workshop With Disha Teckchandani

Ear Bud Painting Workshop

Ear Bud Painting Workshop: Earbud painting is the technique of using earbuds to paint beautiful art pieces. Using earbuds for painting sounds very unbelievable. But Rooftop organised a one-of-a-kind Ear Bud Painting Workshop with Disha Teckchandani to make everyone aware of this unique art form. She is an interior designer with a passion for art. She has taken various workshops previously and has been part of several art exhibitions as well.

The Ear Bud Painting Workshop Began

Disha started the workshop by saying “Let’s bring out the child inside us and start painting with earbuds.” She started off by painting the leaves with simple brush strokes. For painting the roses, she put small blobs of acrylic colour on the canvas in an abstract manner. The next step was to use an earbud to dab the colour and mix it in a circular motion to make the roses. She suggested everyone use only acrylic or tube colours to give a better effect. Disha suggested some colour combinations like blue, purple, white and pink to our attendees. It was wonderful how all our attendees worked along with Disha and created beautiful roses with earbuds.

Towards The End Of The Workshop

All our attendees wonderfully painted the roses using earbuds. Beautifully coloured roses filled our screens. Everyone showed their respective paintings to Disha. Everyone could impress Disha with their pictures. Also, she suggested a few tips to make their images look more beautiful.

With another unique experience, we at Rooftop created a positive learning atmosphere where artists connected, learnt something new and showed their work to other artists.

Stay safe and keep learning with us. Here’s us signing off until next time.

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