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Dot Art Painting Workshop With Abinaya Sundaram

Dot Art Painting Workshop With Abinaya Sundaram

In these uncertain and fearful times, it is extremely necessary to calm our minds. And we at Rajasthan Studio believe that there’s nothing better than meditative art! Keeping this in mind, we organized a Dot Art Painting Workshop. We learned the meaning of the art form, the complete process, and the benefits of the same. Also, we made beautiful art pieces using this technique.

The Meaning of Dot Art Painting

If we break the phrase Dot Painting, we will understand that it is a painting formed around dots. We need various tools for such paintings. One can use any round pointed tool like matchsticks, the back of a pen or a paintbrush, and also the specially curated wooden sticks for dot paintings. In this technique of painting, small, distinct dots of color are applied in patterns.

About The Workshop

Rajasthan Studio organized a Circle experience with Abinaya Sundaram, who is a full-time artist from Tamil Nadu. She practices meditative arts like Dot Painting, Mandala, and Zentangle art. A big number of fifty people participated and together we learned a lot of dot painting techniques.

She began the workshop by explaining what dot art is and how it originated. Then she went on to teach the basics of dot art. Firstly, she explained the different techniques to draw various types of dots which ultimately form a beautiful pattern. Most of our enthusiastic participants tried their hands at dot painting for the very first time! Abinaya was very impressed with how fast they learned.

She bestowed us with many tips and suggestions, one of them being to dip the dot painting tool in paint each time and then draw the dot so that all the dots look equal and similar. Also, she added that while doing so, one must take a deep breath and then release it while drawing the dot. She affirmed that this acts like meditation for the mind and leaves you with a calm feeling.

Highlights Of The Workshop

After everyone reached the finale, they flashed their beautiful work in front of the camera which left us in awe! For the very first time, we witnessed three generations in one frame – a grandmother, a mother, and a grand-son participating in the same workshop. They created three different styles of artwork. All the participants not only learned quickly but also finished their artwork by the end of the workshop. This impressed Abinaya as well as all of us at Rajasthan Studio immensely. It was a great interactive session where we connected, learnt, and had a great time together!

Learning, imparting, connecting and staying creative is our moto at Rajasthan Studio and that’s the reason why we keep organizing various art workshops everyday.

Stay creative, stay calm. Here’s us signing off, until we see you again!

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