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Dolphin With Gouache Workshop With Khushboo Pandey

Gouache Dolphin

Dolphins! Who doesn’t love them as they are among the most adorable and witty creatures? Having dolphin figures in our home makes it look more beautiful. Gouache art is an art that’s mostly similar to watercolour painting and acrylic as it is based on the water medium. This way of art, regardless of others, is very close to nature and focuses on carving nature’s wonders on a sheet.

To bring the magic of the art form closer to the Rooftop family, we organized an amazing and fun-filled session with Dolphin With Gouache Workshop expert artist Khushboo Pandey.

About The Artist

Khushboo is an ardent follower and admirer of art. She resides in Kolkata, West Bengal, and works as an Investment advisor. While she started her artistic journey from her childhood but never took it in a full-fledged way, the recent covid lockdown gave her an opportunity to take up her passion, this time more seriously. She kept practising and enhancing her skills in order to be a successful artist. She owns a page on Instagram as @creativeskies where she posts her artworks and gains applause for her wonderful creativity. 

And The Dolphin With Gouache Workshop Began

The Dolphin With Gouache Workshop began with a brief introduction to Khusboo and her experiences in the field of art.  Khushboo then expressed her heartfelt gratitude towards the attendees and the host of the workshop. Further, she went to elaborate on the art form. She also listed out all the differences between the watercolour art form and the gouache art form and began to create the artwork on camera as the attendees got completely engaged in the process. The session was very intriguing and informative.

Towards The End Of The Dolphin With Gouache Workshop

As the workshop progressed towards completion, the attendees were able to take home with them their own artworks reviewed by Khushboo who found all of them beautiful and full of effort. The attendees were very delighted and expressed their heartfelt gratitude towards Khushboo and Rooftop.

The attendees were from different parts of India and belonged to various age groups. Though their passion for art brought them to a single platform. We as always, was able to bring artists closer and celebrate their passion for arts. Not to mention creating memories that can be cherished for a long time.

On this note, here’s us signing off until next time!

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