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Docu-film by Gita Hudson Spotlights India’s Tribal Arts

Gita Hudson with one of her works on display at DakshinaChitra

In a bid to celebrate and bring attention to India’s vibrant tribal arts, Lalit Kala Akademi hosted a painting camp at the Tribal Museum in Araku Valley, Andhra Pradesh, in 2019. The camp showcased the talents of twelve exceptional women artists from different states across India. Artist and documentary filmmaker Gita Hudson captured the essence of the camp in her thought-provoking film titled ‘The Missing Rainbow.’ This 40-minute documentary has gained popularity for its portrayal of the unique art forms and the lives of folk and tribal women artists in India.

Preserving Cultural Heritage

The Missing Rainbow delves into the rich cultural heritage of India’s folk and tribal communities, shedding light on their art forms, aspirations, and ways of life. Hudson passionately believes that the heartbeat of India lies within its villages, small communities, and tribal cultures. By promoting and preserving these art forms, not only do we revitalize the talents and livelihoods of these remarkable communities, but we also create awareness about their origins and distinctive lifestyles.

The Significance of Tribal Art

Tribal art encapsulates the essence of specific communities that have thrived for centuries, starting from cave and rock art. Each region in India boasts its unique drawing styles, music, language, and more. The true beauty lies in the transmission of these art forms across generations. Hudson stresses the importance of supporting and appreciating the storytelling abilities of these artists while preserving, promoting, and documenting their valuable heritage. As an artist herself and a part of Lalit Kala Akademi, Hudson is deeply committed to these endeavors.

Creating Awareness and Appreciation

Art bazaars and craft exhibitions are experiencing a surge in popularity, attracting a diverse audience eager to explore and appreciate various art forms. Hudson highlights the need to instill awareness among children from a young age so they can develop an appreciation and value for these art forms. By exposing them to the richness of tribal arts, we nurture a generation that recognizes the cultural significance and artistic brilliance embedded within these traditional practices.


The Missing Rainbow serves as a captivating tribute to India’s tribal arts, spotlighting the extraordinary talents of folk and tribal women artists. Through this documentary, Gita Hudson brings attention to the invaluable cultural heritage inherited and preserved by these communities. As the interest in art bazaars and craft exhibitions continues to grow, it is essential to cultivate awareness and appreciation for these art forms, ensuring their longevity and continued contribution to India’s diverse artistic landscape.

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