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Discovering the Life of Ashoka with Phad Painting

Presented by Sadhu Vaswani International School for Girls, Delhi as a part of Phad Se Padh initiative

Teacher’s Experience

Revival of folk art by combining it with academics is a remarkable initiative by Rooftop and Mr. Sandeep Sethi. Witnessing the acceptance of art integration by students and most of the leading educationists has increased the possibilities of more such projects.

The Phad presentation of SVISG was based on the enlightenment of Emperor Ashoka and his transformation from Chand Ashoka to Dhamma Ashoka.

While conceptualising the topic, making the Phad, and writing and creating the lyrics and music, all of us had a great learning experience. We wanted to carry out the project with purity and authenticity. Therefore, we explored Ravanhatta, the folk instrument used in Phad narrations. Acquiring this instrument and learning the original Phad tunes expanded our musical spheres. Our musical presentation was highly appreciated by Mr. Kalyan Joshi.

Student’s Experience

Phad se Padh was an initiative by Rooftop and MSMS II. Conceived by Mr. Sandeep Sethi, it aimed at incorporating creative holistic learning. The project presented us with the opportunity to integrate art with a compendium of language and history.

A narration of the history of India, through cultural arts, music, and dance forms was an interesting way to introduce Indian culture and heritage to the students. During the event, the participating schools narrated numerous tales through Padh, the Rajasthani folk scrolls. The story presented by us was of Emperor Ashoka and the conversion of his principles from Digvijaya to Dharmavijaya.We got our brushes to work, played the flutes, and sang stories, all while discovering and learning! It was a wonderful initiative. It has encouraged us to learn more about the country’s cultural art forms.

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