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Indiyart: Bringing Indian Art to Bikaner House, Delhi

Greetings, lovers and connoisseurs of the art world! Indian art is a kaleidoscope of styles and art forms, a web interwoven with culture and heritage, interspersed with the spiritual and mystical elements of tradition and folklore. The vibrant, ancient, yet ever-changing, diverse world of Indian art is soon coming to the heart of Hindustan through Indiyart, an Indian art exhibition that will be held at Bikaner House, Delhi.

If you want a taste of the incredible diversity of Indian art forms, prepare yourself for the art experience of a lifetime. The Indiyart exhibition will run from September 16 to 19 and feature nine diverse indigenous art forms. But wait—there’s more! Along with the breathtaking display of Indian art, you will also be able to participate in exclusive art workshops conducted by experienced artists.

What’s Waiting For You At Indiyart?

Bikaner House, Delhi (image source:

Indiyart is an amalgamation of India, DIY and Art. The Kalamkaar art gallery at Bikaner House will be bedecked with works of art from every corner of the Indian subcontinent. From the magnificent Mata ni Pachedi to the charming Cheriyal, you’ll find stunning displays of art and heritage on every wall. Immerse yourself in a spiritual and sensational experience as you dive into India’s ancient art forms.

Entry to the Indiyart exhibition is free for all, so walk in and prepare to be blown away by the sheer talent and skills on display, courtesy of our beloved Indian artists. All the art pieces in this exhibition will be on sale. So contribute to the artist’s livelihood and take home a piece or two of cultural heritage! Art workshops will be conducted from September 16 to 19, between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Amidst the beautiful architecture of Bikaner House, the Indiyart exhibition will introduce you to a vibrant tapestry of Indian art forms and display the rich cultural heritage of different communities and parts of the country.

Why Traditional Indian Art Forms?

यतो मनः ततो भावो

यतो भावो ततो रसः॥

Where the mind/heart goes, expressions of feelings will follow.

Where there is an expression of feelings, there is an abundance of aesthetic beauty and sentiment.

-Natya Shastra

India is home to a range of diverse artistic interpretations. Each culture has its own stories, traditions, and spiritual practises. Many cultures explored these aspects through visual art and developed unique art forms and styles with elaborate techniques, meanings, and traditions interlinked with them. Indian art forms are a part of the country’s history and heritage, yet the outdated notions that people associate them with do not allow traditional art to grow and blossom as it should.

Rooftop wants to explore traditional Indian art through a contemporary lens and open up conversations around its aesthetics and sensibilities. Through the Indiyart exhibition, you will be able to experience the melting pot of Indian culture and redefine your perception of Indian art. Let’s celebrate the artistic spirit and applaud the artists who represent traditional Indian art forms in the modern world by blending ancient techniques with novel cultural aspects.

The Diverse and Intricate World of Indian Art At Indiyart

Through Indiyart, you’ll be able to experience the enchanting realm of Indian art and culture by exploring each of the featured art forms. Here’s a quick introduction to each one, so you know exactly what’s in store for you.


Gond artist Venkat Singh Shyam (image source:

Colourful, bold, and vibrant, Gond art from Madhya Pradesh portrays the connection between humankind and nature. Master artist Venkat Singh Shyam’s exquisite Gond paintings will be part of the display.


Bhil artist Bhuri Bai (image source:

This mystical and surreal art form derives its themes from mythology, daily life, and folklore. View the work of artists Bhuri Bai and Lado Bai at Indiyart and acquaint yourself with the indigenous spirit of tribal art forms.


Pichwai artist Rajaram Sharma (image source:

A spiritual and devotional art form that delicately portrays Lord Jagannath amidst blooming lotuses and cows. Indiyart features the work of Pichwai artist Rajaram Sharma, who has displayed his art at several national and international exhibitions.

Mata ni Pachedi

The making of a Mata ni Pachedi painting (image source:

Behold the mother Goddess in all her glory through the intricate and mesmerising tapestries of Mata ni Pachedi. Featured Indiyart artists, the Chitara family are famous for their paintings that are made using traditional techniques and natural colours. Kiran Chandrakant and Kirit Chitara will display their magnificent artwork at Indiyart.


Phad artist Kalyan Joshi (image source:

Scroll paintings that depict everything from religious myths to current events, Phad art is colourful and vibrant. Eminent artists Kalyan Joshi and Abhishek Joshi’s Phad paintings will be displayed at the Indiyart exhibition.


The community spirit comes alive in the narrative depictions of Warli paintings. This art form celebrates the spirit of living in brotherhood and harmony.

Indiyart will feature the work of Vijay and Praveen Mhase of the celebrated Mhase family, as well as paintings by the renowned Anil Vangad.

Anil Vangad (image source:


Making of a Cheriyal painting (image source:

Cheriyal scroll paintings illustrate scenes and events from the daily lives of the people of Cheriyal, Telangana. D. Venkat Ramana and Mallesham Pasula portray a hint of nostalgia through their featured Cheriyal paintings.



Mithila’s pride and joy, this lively and colourful woman-centric art form uses folk themes to weave both traditional and contemporary narratives. Award-winning Madhubani artists Dulari Devi, Hema Devi, Ambika Devi will display their awe-inspiring artwork at the Indiyart exhibition.


Shri Raga, circa 1625 (image source:

Miniature paintings are filled with breathtaking portrayals of royalty, daily life, and scenery. Indian miniature paintings feature a myriad of styles, themes, and motifs. Indiayart will display the work of eight eminent miniature artists, each representing different schools of Indian miniature painting.

Attend Exclusive Workshops at Indiyart

Let your soul embark on an artistic journey through Rooftop’s exclusive art workshops. Each workshop has a limited number of seats and will be conducted at the gorgeous Sheesh Diwari, an interior space adorned with intricate mirrorwork. This serene setting will put your mind at ease and as you begin to explore the avenues of Indian art forms, you’ll begin to understand how different artistic communities interpret similar themes in unique ways.


Take a look at the gorgeous artwork on display and attend workshops on traditional Indian art forms. Seven workshops will be held in total, and you can register by signing up at Hurry; the maximum capacity for each workshop is 15 participants, so secure your seat before someone else gets there first!

At Indiyart, you won’t just be able to interact with the artists whose artworks feature in the exhibition; you’ll also be able to learn from them. Some of the featured artists at Indiyart will be the instructors for the art workshops, so don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to connect with award-winning artists and learn directly from them!

Experience the Diverse World of Indian Art at Indiyart

Bikaner House, Delhi (image source:

So mark your calendars and save the date. Prepare to experience a cultural and holistic kaleidoscope the likes of which you’ve never seen before. Come to Bikaner House between September 16 and 19 and witness the Indiyart exhibition for yourself. Explore tradition by witnessing the Indian tribal and folk art forms that have stood the test of time.

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By Melissa D’Mello

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