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Digital Art with Upasana Modi Poddar

Digital Art with Upasana Modi Poddar

Digital Art with Upasana Modi Poddar

Doodling is something that all of us have done as school kids during boring lectures, channeling our inner artists. Doodles are simple artistic drawings that have representational meaning. There are five types of doodle styling which are Zentangle, Zendoodling, Stendoodling, Mandalas, and Doodle. Doodle is one creative art form that is highly underrated. For all the folks who wish to rekindle their doodle love, The Circle Community conducted a fun and interactive workshop with Upasna Modi Poddar.

About the artist

Upasna Modi Poddar is an illustrator and a self-taught doodle artist. After completing her education in mass communication, she pursued jewelry design for quite some time and realized her calling for doodling. The art was a child’s play for Upasna when she was in school. She drew funny faces and created various types of innovative fonts. She now conducts workshops for doodling. Upasna quotes her career as “I love my work and proudly say I never have Monday morning blues.”

The Workshop Began

The workshop commenced with a brief introduction to Upasna Modi Poddar. She shared her journey with the participants as to how doodles are something one creates with their creativity and how she started taking doodles, caricature workshops, and take-your-pet-out days where she likes to doodle pets and pet owners. Upasna‘s doodles are all about real-life instances which also include her baby, husband, and her dog. The theme for the workshop was to doodle oneself.

She encouraged everybody to draw Jim Carrey‘s caricature. There is no method or technique when it comes to doodling, nor does it have any circles and straight lines. It is a non-judgemental artform. Upasna shared great tips and steps for doodling in a simple and detailed manner, which was easy to understand for someone who is a newbie in doodling. She explained specific types of pens that are used for this art. Upasna shared how people still approach her for handmade caricatures and how much sentimental value they hold for them.

Towards  the end of the workshop

The participants showed their artwork virtually. Upasna was overwhelmed with everybody‘s artwork in such a short time. The host and the participants were looking forward to Upasna’s artwork. She shared that she does caricature for weddings, party invites, save the day, and loves caricaturing dogs as they have a lot of personalities. Upasna showcased her digital doodle work. The Circle community succeeded in connecting with a doodle artist like Upasna Modi Poddar with her lovely smile and warm nature.

On this note, here’s us signing off until next time!

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