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Different Notions of Swaraj Through Phad Painting

Presented by ASN Senior Secondary School, Mayur Vihar-I, Delhi as a part of Phad Se Padh initiative

Teacher’s Experience

Phad is a particularly complex style of visual religious narrative that has persisted for many years. ASN Senior Secondary School took advantage of the excellent opportunity to express “Different conceptions of Swaraj via Phad” at the programme put on by MSMS II and Rooftop.

A team of 15 students and four teachers under the guidance of our Principal, Ms Swarnima Luthra worked together for days to create a canvas of 19.5ft X 4.5ft, which was divided into 5 parts, consisting of 26 blocks.

We acquired the finer points of painting the various Phad faces of our country’s independence fighters, like Rani Lakshmi Bai, Bhagat Singh, and Mahatma Gandhi. In addition, we demonstrated how quickly the nation has advanced since gaining its independence, becoming the Vishwaguru in every field, including athletics, science, and technology.

Art Teachers:

  1. Ms. Sharmishta Sinha
  2. Ms. Shivali Gauba
  3. Ms. Prachi
  4. Ms. Isha

Student’s Experience

The painting’s title, “Notions of Swaraj,” was created by the kids with the direction of art and social science teachers at ASN Senior Secondary School. This helped us understand the techniques and subtleties of this old craft, which was practised on an article of clothing in ancient times. The group of teachers and kids worked together to create five wonderful exhibits that depict the struggle of all brave freedom fighters. In fact, this platform allowed us to demonstrate our painting abilities, it improved our critical and creative thinking. The invitation to the exhibition called “PHAD SE PADH” was the most incredible reward for this commitment and effort. When numerous schools displayed their artistic talent, it was incredibly inspiring and interactive. We want to express our deep gratitude to our principal, Ms Swarnima Luthra, and our mentor teachers for their tireless efforts in helping us make this project a big success.

Art Team: Students

  1. Vidushi Aggarwal (VIII)
  2. Shreya Bhartari (VIII)
  3. Yahnvi Mehta (VIII)
  4. Nami Kitahara (VIII)
  5. Saumya Pandagri (VIII)
  6. Shagun Jangir (IX)
  7. Aryan Nautiyal (X)
  8. Akshadha Mohanty (IX)
  9. Shilpi Roy (XII)

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