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Cyber Art & Photography With Hemant Shesh

Cyber Art Rajasthan Studio

Since it was about Cyber Art, it was the first session hosted live on Facebook for the artists-attendees who were not able to attend this Circle session in person. An insightful session that explored the expressions of this new-media, a boundary-less art form, Hemant spoke feelingly about his journey as an IAS officer to an artist who wants to devote his sunset days to a passionate pursuit of this new Cyber art form. We are sure his thoughts and dreams would have resonated well with many in the invite-only, specially curated Rooftop series for artists community.

Attendees Present at the Session

Mr. Avinash K. Arvind, Ms. Abha Dewarshi, Mr. Mandar, Mr. Devendra Dewarshi, Mr. Harish Jangid, Art Enthusiast, Ms. Purnima Kaul, Mr. Ish Madhu Talwar, Mr. Ashok Aatreya, Padma Shri Tilak Gitaai, Mr. Prabhat Goswami, Mr. Vinay Sokhiya and Mr. Mahesh Swami
(Sitting Left to Right) Mr. Arun Kimmatkar,  Mr. Ashwin Dalvi, Mr. Hemant Shesh, Mr. Bhawani Shankar Sharma and Mr. Bhanu Bharvi

Cyber Art Rajasthan Studio

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