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Cutie Cat With Acrylics Workshop with Megha Mayuri

Cutie Cat With Acrylics workshop

Painting using acrylic is a great engaging element that allows one to create and tailor numerous masterpieces. One can put down his/her thoughts, inspirations and a lot more in the most effective and constructive manner. All you need is just a detailed understanding of blending, striking colours the right way. It no longer is only limited to passion it has also emerged to be a great source of income if pursued and practised effectively. In order to do so, one requires guidance that walks them through minute to major details. That is exactly what The Circle Community through its Cutie Cat with Acrylics Workshop with Megha Mayuri is offering. Through this workshop, you as a learner tend to learn the essentials of holding acrylics and their associated aspects. So keep scrolling to see what new you’re offered with.

About the Artist:-

Megha Mayuri is a BTech graduate holding impressive working experience with TCS. Her love for art and its various forms motivated her to follow it as a full-time career and give her best shot at it. She’s highly influenced by the existence of nature and its beautiful creativity and thus, we see more of it in her art pieces.

The workshop began:-

The workshop began with the host introducing the mentor, Megha Mayuri and her expertise acquired over the years. Megha took over the session and began with displaying the art that was to be created. She introduced attendees to all the necessary essentials required to portrait the best piece. She then began creating the piece making sure to keep her attendees in the loop with every step. Colour blending, the right way of striking colours, effective texture and presentation and a lot more was responsibly taken care of by Megha Mayuri. She also made sure to attend each and every question requested by the attendees in order to deliver them with the best & detailed aspects of knowledge associated with the subject.

Towards the end of the workshop:-

Towards the end of the workshop, a beautiful cat trying to peep from behind the door was created by Megha Mayuri. The same piece was created by the attendees too. On successful completion, the attendees were provided with an opportunity to showcase their art piece to the mentor. These attendees were of different ages deeply passionate about exploring different art forms. The Circle Community successfully managed to bridge the gap between creative masters and learners through this extremely fruitful session. On this note, here’s us signing off until next time!Also, for more information on upcoming Circle Experiences, follow us on Instagram.

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