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Customer Experiences with Anupama Bose

Anupama Bose Rajasthan Studio

Anupama Bose started her journey as a textile designer, 23 years ago. After working under fashion designer Tarun Tahiliani, she moved to Jaipur, where she succeeded in establishing her own brand. c, Bose shared her creative trysts with Katan-weaves Ruchika Modi which led her to design unisex uniforms for the staff at Ramm Bagh Hotel in Jaipur.

Attendees Present at the Session

Ms. Reni Berry, Mr. Ayush Yadav, Mr. Deepak Sankit, Mr. Kartik Gaggar (Rooftop Team), Ms. Swati Gaggar, Ms. Anupama Bose, Mr. Abhimanyu Singh, Ms. Shilpi Dua, Ms. Manjot Chawla, Ms. Sharmil Mathur, Mr. Jay Fritzhand and Ms. Nimisha Sinha (Rooftop Team)

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