Clay Character Modelling Workshop: Clay Character Modeling or Clay animation uses characters which can be remade from scratch. These are shot frame by frame to give the illusion of movement. The models are generally made by using a malleable substance like plasticine clay.

A fun Clay Character Modelling Workshop was organized by Rooftop and was hosted by animator specialist Abhilasha Bhartiya. She also owns her very own Animation Studio ” Abhitoons Creations” in Jaipur. 

The Clay Character Modelling Workshop Began

We had around thirty participants for the workshop. They all were equally excited to learn something so new and innovative. Most of the participants were accompanied by their little ones who enjoyed making little monsters out of clay. Abhilasha began the workshop by teaching how to mold the clay into our desired shape – for example, we made a little octopus out of clay in the session. She also taught us a few tips on how to improve the texture of the clay model using a toothpick. She also explained the kind of clay which is safe for children and things to keep in mind while buying such clay. All the participants and their children had a great time making these little ‘clay monsters’.

Towards The End Of The Workshop

All the participants were quite creative and learnt very fast. Everyone showed their little clay models to Abhilasha at the end of the workshop. All the participants used their creativity to create their own clay models.

We at Rooftop, organizes several such fun and innovative workshops everyday to help people practice some or the other form of art everyday. 

Stay safe, creative and keep learning new artforms with us everyday. Here’s us signing off, until we see you again!