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Corporate Events By Rooftop

Corporate event by rooftop

HRs and corporate employees frequently utilize the term “work or company culture.” It is one of the key factors that work in the retention of employees and ensures a healthy, constructive environment. And what can be done to build it? – corporate events. Yes, we are speaking of those team-building, morale-boosting events marked on the corporate calendar. Consequently, some employees dread the thought of another Friday activity as the deadline clock is ticking others might just want to give the “ice-breakers” a miss. Corporate events by Rooftop have brought a creative twist to these mundane activities. 

Why Host Creative Corporate Events

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Okay, let’s address the elephant in the room, that is, why employees should have a creative activity amidst their work schedule. Daily gruelling sessions in the conference room, endless PPTs, and innumerable times of rework take a toll on the employees. Although, one cannot escape the expected work, an art corporate event creates a time window to relax, unwind and bond with fellow employees. In addition, research has found that art serves as a therapeutic medium for enhancing mental well-being. It provides a canvas for self-expression, a source to relieve stress and spark imagination and innovation.  

The best aspect of a creative corporate event is that it does not create rigid rules or expectations. As the nature of art is subjective, one need not be a Picasso to attempt a piece of artwork or understand others. The free-flowing creativity allows you to shake off hesitations and simply have a good time. These art-themed corporate events could be a great conversation starter or a nostalgic school memory.

Therefore, a good corporate art event can amp up the fun quotient and also serve the purpose of having an employee engagement activity.

How Rooftop Can Make a Difference in Corporate Events

Long story short, we make the activity easy, creative and engaging for the employees. As matter of fact Corporate events by Rooftop are planned and executed to the ‘t’ so you can do the important task – have fun! Rooftop is one of the leading platforms that offers Indian traditional art workshops. That’s the bit creating a whole lot of difference – Indian traditional art.

It is a unique approach towards hosting creative corporate events. A way to engage the participants in the diverse Indian art culture through guided sessions by art experts and Master artists. And no, it shall not be an art history class for the audience. Indian traditional art is intriguing and interesting. The versatility of Indian art gives you the freedom to experiment on different canvases. For example, Warli, a folk art from Maharashtra can be done on a Kulhad. A good cup of tea/artwork that adorns your work desk. Moreover, it creates a sense of belonging or connection with Indian culture.

What Should You Choose Rooftop for Your Corporate Events

Planning to Execution Handled by Rooftop

Be it 30, 50,100 or more, Rooftop has planned and executed art sessions for varied strengths of groups. You can book an In-person, hybrid or offline workshop, and the rest shall be taken care of by Rooftop. We provide professionals and domain experts to conduct corporate events as per the requirements mentioned.

Curated Art-Kits

In the event of live employee engagement activity, we curate an art kit that avoids the clutter and confusion of material distribution or keeping track of things. The art kit shall include all materials to ensure a fun art session.

Variety of Options

Indian traditional art has its roots spread in several states and cities of India. We have several options of Indian art forms for you to pick and choose from. Phad, Gond, Madhubani, Warli, Mandala, and Lippan are a few to name.


It’s your corporate event and we only wish to make it the best experience for the participants. So, you choose the how, what, when, and where of the workshops and we ensure to deliver as per your choice. 

Indian Art Benefits

It is a creative twist to the old employee engagement activities. It isn’t just painting a sunset or colouring an outlined work. It’s a medium to experience the Indian art culture and communities who have practised these art forms for generations.   

Virtual Workshops

Post-pandemic, virtual is the new norm. Have space constraints? Or do the participants work remotely? No problem, Rooftop has combined art with virtual experiences. For that purpose, we have professionals who not only take care of hosting the workshops but also guide the participants whenever needed.

Master and Expert Artists

Rooftop is known for providing authentic experiences. We have collaborated with Padma Shri awardees and renowned artists to ensure you get the best art experience from the best.

Some Employee Engagement Experiences

Here’s a sneak-peak into the corporate events successfully hosted by Rooftop

Rooftop x FICCI (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry) 

Now the employees at FICCI can proudly say, “Indian art is my cup of tea” after the engagement activity. Rooftop took the Warli art to the next level by painting folk art on Kulhads. The participants thoroughly enjoyed the fun activity. Hear the participants go gaga about the workshop!

Rooftop x Google 

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Yes, Google employees also need a creative break. This was a virtual workshop wherein the participants enthusiastically joined from different corners of the world. They had fun conversations over co-creating an Indian traditional piece of artwork. Here’s a glimpse!

Rooftop x KOIS 

The engagement activity gave “weekend” vibes to the participants. Don’t believe us, hear the testimony! The art activity got everyone engrossed and made them forget the work stress.

Rooftop x Carrier Technologies

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This was a festive special corporate engagement experience wherein the participants tried their hand at Dot Mandala on a plate. A curated art kit and guiding professionals ensured the smooth functioning of the workshop. Watch the participants get creative!

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By Sayali Parkar

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