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Contemporary Madhubani Workshop By Richa Saxena

Contemporary Madhubani Workshop By Richa Saxena

As the name suggests, Madhubani art or Madhubani painting is a style of Indian painting, practiced in the Mithila region of the Indian subcontinent. The characteristic is the eye-catching geometrical patterns. This painting can be done with a variety of tools. These include fingers, twigs, brushes, nib-pens, etc. To give our Circle Members the experience to learn about this traditionally adopted contemporary art form, Rooftop curated a special Contemporary Madhubani Workshop and invited Richa Saxena. 

Richa Saxena is a Life Science Engineer, but delving into the world of colors always remained her favorite rejuvenation activity. Art for her is cathartic. It is bringing emotions to life on the canvas. As an Engineer, she was intrigued by the geometrical patterns and intricacy of this ancient art form. She recieved the first prize at the Indian embassy Berlin gallery, for her artwork named, ‘The Padayatra’. 

Contemporary Madhubani Workshop Began

The workshop started with Richa giving a brief introduction of herself and her love for Madhubani art. She shared her experience of receiving the first prize for her artwork. Additionally, she received a chance to showcase her work at multiple exhibitions. 

Then, she enlightened everyone about the history and the origin of Madhubani art. She explained how Contemporary Madhubani art form is different from traditional Madhubani art form. Next, she gave step by step instructions of the procedure to be followed for sketching and painting. Also, she also shared some interesting facts about Madhubai art while continuing with the artwork.

Towards The End Of The Workshop

The workshop was very insightful and interesting. She gave feedback to the attendees for their artwork from time to time. Also, she shared some tips and tricks on how to opt for color combinations that would make the artwork look attractive. She was happy to see the attendees immersing themselves into the art form. The workshop ended with everyone showcasing their beautiful artworks. 

The attendees were from different parts of the country. Also, they belonged to different age groups but their love for art brought them together on a single platform. Rooftop as always was successful in connecting artists and curating a magical and positive vibe together. 

On this note, here’s us signing off until next time!

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