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CEO of Rooftop Meets Prime Minister Modi Ji

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In a significant virtual interaction organized by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry’s Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT), Kartik Gaggar, the CEO and founder of Rajasthan Studio, had the privilege of presenting recommendations to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. As an advocate for promoting traditional art and culture across India, Kartik represented 26 startups from 9 states and 11 cities, providing valuable insights and policy suggestions on the Prime Minister’s Local to Global theme. Let’s delve into the recommendations put forward by Kartik Gaggar during this noteworthy event.

Policy Recommendations by Kartik Gaggar

Promoting Virtual Tourism

Kartik Gaggar emphasized the importance of leveraging technology to promote virtual tourism. With the increasing accessibility of virtual reality and augmented reality, it is now possible to create immersive experiences that allow people to explore the rich cultural heritage of India from the comfort of their homes. By showcasing historical sites, art forms, and cultural events through virtual platforms, we can engage a global audience, spark interest, and encourage a deeper appreciation for India’s diverse traditions.

Experience Identification Tags

To enhance the overall tourism experience, Kartik suggested implementing experience identification tags. These tags would provide visitors with detailed information about the art forms, craftsmen, and cultural significance associated with specific locations. By incorporating QR codes or digital markers at tourist spots, visitors can scan and access relevant information on their smartphones. This initiative would not only educate tourists but also create awareness about the rich heritage and craftsmanship present in different regions of India.

Sustainable Road Trip Circuits

Recognizing the growing popularity of road trips and the need for sustainable tourism practices, Kartik proposed the development of sustainable road trip circuits. These curated routes would connect various cultural and historical destinations while promoting eco-friendly practices. The circuits could include heritage sites, traditional art centers, organic farms, and eco-conscious accommodations. By encouraging responsible travel and highlighting sustainable initiatives, these circuits would contribute to both environmental preservation and the economic growth of local communities.

PM Modi appreciation and acknowledging Kartik’s work

Kartik Gaggar’s participation in the virtual interaction with Prime Minister Narendra Modi showcased his commitment to promoting traditional art and culture across India. Through his recommendations, including the promotion of virtual tourism, implementation of experience identification tags, and the development of sustainable road trip circuits, Kartik seeks to strengthen India’s cultural heritage, engage a global audience, and drive sustainable tourism practices. It is through such collaborative efforts and innovative ideas that we can preserve and celebrate the vibrant traditions that define our nation. With the support of government initiatives and the collective involvement of startups and individuals, we can look forward to a future where our traditional art and culture flourish and continue to inspire generations to come.

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