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Celebrating Bihar’s Finest Craft Artists: State Awards and Medha Awards 2021

Bihar Artists Receive State Awards and Medha Awards

Bihar, a state known for its rich cultural heritage and artistic traditions, recently celebrated the outstanding talents of its craftsmen by awarding them with Medha awards and State awards. Let’s delve into the details of this momentous event.

On October 25, 2023, Bihar Industries Minister Sameer Kumar Mahaseth felicitated 15 exceptionally gifted craft artists with the prestigious State Award for the year 2021. Additionally, 14 artisans were honoured with the Medha Award at a grand ceremony held at Adhiveshan Bhawan. This recognition not only showcases Bihar’s dedication to preserving its cultural roots but also encourages and appreciates the exceptional skills of its artisans.

Just last month, four artists from Bihar received the Sangeet Natak Amrit Awards for exceptional contributions to the performing arts. Ganesh Prasad Sinha (theatre), Dhrupad musician Raghubir Malik, folk musician Bharat Singh Bharti, and actor Suman Kumar were the Bihar artists who received the award.

Acknowledging Excellence: State Awards and Medha Awards

The craftsmen receiving the State and Medha awards were not only recognised for their remarkable talents but were also presented with cash prizes. State Award recipients were awarded Rs 50,000, while Medha Award winners received Rs 25,000, reinforcing the state’s commitment to nurturing and encouraging artistic excellence.

The Selection Process: Nurturing Talent Through Competition

State Awards
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These distinguished artists emerged victorious through a competitive selection process. Between November 15, 2021, and December 24, 2021, the Upendra Maharathi Crafts Institute organised a competition that saw the participation of 322 artists from various craft disciplines. The immense talent displayed during this competition made the selection process truly challenging, highlighting the depth of artistic prowess in Bihar.

 A Glimpse Into the Awardees

State Awards
Image source: Upendra Maharathi Shilp Anusandhan Sansthan via Facebook)

State Award Winners (2021):

1. Archana Kumari (Madhubani Painting)

2. Bhagwan Thakur (Madhubani Painting)

3. Ambika Devi (Paper Mache Craft)

4. Deepesh Soni (Wood Art)

5. Swati Raj (Metal Craft)

6. Radha Kumari (Sikki Art)

7. Abhishek Kumar (Leather Art)

8. Hina Kumari (Manjusha Painting)

9. Chandrakanti Devi (Applique Craft)

10. Suman Singh (Sujani Art)

11. Anita Pandey (Bhojpuri Art)

12. Gyanti Devi (Crochet)

13. Pooja (Tikuli Painting)

14. Namita Azad (Cloth doll-making)

15. Yashwant Kumar Jha (Sikki art and others)

Meritorious Artists:

State Awards
Image source: Upendra Maharathi Shilp Anusandhan Sansthan via Facebook)

1. Abha Das (Madhubani Painting)

2. Manju Karan (Madhubani Painting)

3. Amresh Kumar Lal Das (Madhubani Painting)

4. Ruby Devi (Madhubani Painting)

5. Rama Devi (Madhubani Painting)

6. Sunil Kumar Chaudhary (Manjusha Painting)

7. Jhana Rani (Paper Mache Craft)

8. Rupa Kumari (Jute Craft)

9. Meena Devi (Applique Craft)

10. Sujata Kumari (Sujani Craft)

11. Kaushiki Srivastava (Block Printing)

12. Nikki Kumari (Bhojpuri Art)

13. Soni (Bhojpuri Art)

14. Jitendra Rai (Sikki Art)

A Testament to Artistic Excellence:

State Awards
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The State and Medha Awards bestowed upon these talented artists are a testament to Bihar’s commitment to preserving and promoting its artistic heritage. The commendable efforts and artistic brilliance of these individuals serve as a testament to Bihar’s rich cultural heritage and its vibrant arts scene. Such initiatives not only promote and preserve the traditional crafts of the region but also provide a platform for talented artisans to showcase their skills on a broader stage. This recognition undoubtedly serves as motivation for many more budding artists to uphold and further enrich Bihar’s artistic legacy.

These craftsmen and craftswomen are the pride of Bihar and represent the rich cultural legacy of the state, which continues to shine brightly on both the national and international stages.

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