Basics of brush pen calligraphy workshop with Shriya Basra

Basics of Brush Pen Calligraphy Workshop With Shriya Basra

Getting started with brush pen calligraphy is one of the best ways to channel your creativity. And when practiced religiously, it can also lead to becoming a monetary source for an individual. But getting started the right way is a crucial step in reaching perfection and uniqueness. Where and how do you begin? Well, Rooftop

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Paitkar workshop with Sonam Ahuja

Paitkar Workshop With Sonam Ahuja

‘Paitkar’ is the traditional painting of Amadubi, a village situated in the Eastern part of Jharkhand. This art form is present in the village since ancient times. The Paitkar paintings are also popularly known as the scroll paintings of Jharkhand. Pata painting is one of the earliest folk paintings of India. Paitkar artists use palm

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finger painting workshop

finger painting workshop with Poonam Wankhede

Art is all about fun and engagement. The more you immerse yourself into it the more you evolve with rectification. Finger painting is one of those few art forms that not only little minds are a fan of but big adults too, let’s say secretly, at least. So why not try getting your hands strong

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Christmas special snow globe painting workshop with Kanchan Pandey

Christmas Special Snow Globe Painting Workshop With Kanchan Pandey

This Christmas let it all be about colours, sparkle, and loads of laughter. Wonder how? Check out the Christmas special snow globe painting workshop with Kanchan Pandey. The workshop walks you through fun & colourful sessions teaching you some super ways of curating a snow globe. So little minds, buckle up and get ready with

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xmas tangle

X-mas Tangle Workshop with Karishma Parekh

The zentangle is a creative art form that allows learners to innovate their ordinary sketches into extraordinary pieces using striking lines, shapes, or patterns as desired by the practitioner. Getting your hands started on the art form can help boost creativity and provide a sense of calmness.  In order to allow learners to understand and

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Pour Painting Workshop

Pour Painting Workshop with Shiza Abbasi

Creativity is a home to innovation and uniqueness. It allows one to explore aspects that are rarely talked about or even imagined. One such masterpiece to be a part of is the Pour Painting. The painting rarely has a sound presence but the creative minds who’ve witnessed its enthralling beauty can never really get over

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Chikankari Embroidery Workshop

Chikankari Embroidery Workshop with Shreya Golchha

Chikankari is the embroidery work done with white cotton thread on fine white cotton material. Chikankari is also called shadow work. The word ‘Chikan’ is basically derived from the Persian word ‘Chikeen’. In earlier days, the Chikankari embroidery is traditionally done on mulmul- fine muslin cotton.  The origin of Chikankari is initiated by the influence

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Crochet Art Workshop with Sakina Challawala

Crochet Art Workshop with Sakina Challawala

Crochet art never falls offseason. It gets better with time and even better when you channelize your creative thoughts within it. Crochet art is a unique art form that allows you to create multiple artifacts using thread. You can give your own unique structure and pattern to it. If done religiously it can also add

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Embroidery E-invites workshop

Embroidery E-invites workshop with Rishika Lahoti

Wedding invites are no more the same old paper cards enclosed in envelopes, communicating the mandatory date, time, venue, the couple’s name, etc. They are getting prettier, quirkier, and a lot more creative with each passing year. Modern-age couples are now choosing to customize their wedding invites with Embroidery E invites as a souvenir for

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