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art forms of Jharkhand

Exploring The Cultural Art Forms Of Jharkhand

Did you know that the state of Jharkhand is India’s ‘land of forests’? This north-eastern state is home to 32 tribal communities and a kaleidoscope of cultural art forms. Some of Jharkhand’s art forms have gained international recognition, while others are slowly disappearing.

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The Usage Of Natural Pigments In Traditional Art Forms

A Pioneer In Creating Natural Pigments And Dyes Ancient India was very advanced when it came to the innovative use of natural substances. We were exporters of spices, medicines, and even paint! The practice of using natural pigments such as Indigo to dye cloth continued until the late colonial period. The royal blue indigo, the

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Shape Language And Storytelling In Indian Tribal Art

Art As A Means Of Expression You may be familiar with the use of shape symbolism in movies and books. Characters in comics and animation are often designed using simple geometric shapes to communicate their personalities and motivations. Did you know that this is not a new concept? Ancient Indian tribal art forms used shapes

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Indian Art Forms

5 Popular Motifs Seen In Traditional Indian Art Forms

The Art Of Storytelling Using Motifs In Indian Art Forms Traditional Indian storytelling is filled with symbolism and metaphors. Motifs can be used to weave a story by associating simple elements with a myriad of qualities. The multi-faceted nature of symbols has always featured prominently in traditional Indian art forms. Depending on the theme and

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Ragmala paintings

Ragamala Paintings: An Expression Of Music Through Art

Passion, Prose, Poetry And Ragamala Paintings Art and emotion were closely linked in ancient India. Poetry and prose intertwine in storytelling, as do music and dance, and we can see this depicted in paintings, sculpture, and architecture. Ragamala paintings are one such interspersion of art and music. This style of miniature painting is an intricate

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The Forgotten Women Artists Of The Bengal Renaissance

An Introduction To The Bengal Renaissance Hello, art lovers! Have you ever wondered when women in India began to be recognised as ‘artists’? The rise of women artists in India began during the Bengal Renaissance period, more specifically with the Bengal School of Art. The Bengal School of Art was an art movement that revolutionised

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Traditional Painting

Are Artists Abandoning Traditional Painting Techniques In Favour Of Modern Technology?

Hello, art enthusiasts! Digital art is becoming increasingly relevant in modern society, inevitably influencing the world of traditional art. The introduction of software such as OpenArtAi and Midjourney has posed a threat to the livelihood of creative professionals everywhere. However, many artists are rejecting AI technology due to its impersonal and emotionless nature, instead turning

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Traditional Indian art

The Rise of Traditional Indian Art Globally

Introduction When we talk about famous artworks, our mind immediately goes to the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci or the Starry Night by Vincent Van Gough, but the perception and appeal of traditional Indian art have steadily risen over the years and has quickly become one of the most sought after art styles across

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