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Alpona: The Artistic Evolution Of A Folk Art Form

No matter where you’re from in India, chances are you’ve participated in a ritual that involves decorating the floor with intricate patterns. These patterns may be created before festivals or as part of traditional rituals. Although the medium and styles may differ, floor art was popularised under different names in different regions. The traditional floor art of Alpona was popular in Bengal.

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Nirmal Painting- Understanding Telangana’s Elegant Art Form

Nirmal Painting: Lost To Time Or A Thriving Art Form? Artists often seek each other’s company and find solace in community. Like-mindedness, familiarity, and an environment filled with creativity make it easier to create and learn new things from each other. Several artist communities were born in India, and many flourished as ‘art villages’. The

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sanjhi art

Exploring The Spiritual Art Form Of Sanjhi Art

Do you remember using stencils in art class when you were in school? Or perhaps you’ve used them to make rangolis during Diwali. Stencils are easy to use and a great way to reduce the work needed to finish a complicated artwork. Chances are, you’ve always viewed them as a tool. But what if we told you that stencils are not just a tool but a medium to create intricate artwork? The Sanjhi art of Mathura is one such art form that uses stencils to create breath-taking and intricate religious imagery.

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The Magnificent Motifs Of Rogan Painting

While Madhubani, Banarasi, and Kalamkari are well-known Indian textile art forms, there are several that remain underappreciated. Rogan painting is one such form of textile art that is still being practised today in Gujarat by members of the Khatri community.
Let us uncover the magnificent motifs of Rogan painting by taking a look at its history and themes.

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art forms of Jharkhand

Exploring The Cultural Art Forms Of Jharkhand

Did you know that the state of Jharkhand is India’s ‘land of forests’? This north-eastern state is home to 32 tribal communities and a kaleidoscope of cultural art forms. Some of Jharkhand’s art forms have gained international recognition, while others are slowly disappearing.

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The History Of Playing Cards In India

Card games have been a celebrated hobby and means of entertainment since ancient times. Let’s take a look at the history of playing cards in India, their evolution, and their artistic aspects.

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Exploring Uncommon Pattachitra Motifs and Themes

Just as a million drops of water make up the sea, a multitude of themes, motifs, and subjects grace Indian traditional paintings. A prominent example is ‘composite paintings’, in which parts of humans, animals, or objects are used to make up a complete picture.

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