useful tips for beginner artist

Beginner Art Techniques!

It might be tough to know where and how to begin, whether you are a newbie who has decided to pursue your passion or someone who wants to experiment with new art techniques.

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pre-historic art of India

A Guide To Indian Art

India has always been referred to as the “Sone ki Chidiya,” or the Golden Sparrow, because of its extensive cultural legacy. The earliest types of Indian art date back to about 3500 BC,

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top 10 art hacks

Top 10 Art Hacks You Don’t Want To Miss!

Are you looking for easy ways to spice up your art? Some hacks that are creative, funny and tested. Rooftop heard you all and has compiled 10 such hacks that are worth trying. Don’t fuss around and get on with all your art supplies. 

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