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Letters and digital illustrations

Letters And Digital Illustrations Re-styled by Hima Parmar

With a brush in one hand and an Apple stylus in the other, Ahmedabad Letterer Hima Parmar takes us back to nursery grade with letters and digital illustrations but in style! Kem Cho Ahmedabad? Rajasthan Studio set their first ZOOM step in Ahmedabad, on a relaxing Sunday in May. Hima Parmar, the sugar star of

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Art Session on Calligraphy and Painting

Class Of Calligraphy & Painting With Yashasvi Soni

With another edition of WFH- Rooftop Experience, we felt the need to get creative or at least pretend that it was our Friday mood until it variably changed with the news of a calligraphy & painting class. We were very well informed about the apparatuses that we would need for the session: first, the coffee

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Blue Hush

Blue Hush by Ojas and Heena- An Udaipur Circle Experience

When modern blues and creational instrumental crossed ways in Udaipur, ‘Blue Hush’ was born To add some merry blues to our ‘Rooftop Circle’ scope, we welcomed the band ‘Blue Hush’ with love and a list of song requests! Who would have thought that the whirlwind live concerts could now be attended at the comfort of

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Reiki Healing Rajasthan Studio

“Reiki Healing from the Heart” with Poonam Hukku

Poonam is a professional Reiki Healing & Meditation Expert currently based in Jaipur. She believes that she has been blessed with the almighty’s guidance in finding her true calling in life – that of a healer. Trained in the art of Reiki healing and crystal work, her 30 minutes session comprised of deep relaxation exercises

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