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Indian Art Biennale

Rooftop at the Indian Art Biennale

The bustling lanes of Chandni Chowk have always witnessed a crowd from all walks of life, coming with different interests to visit and experience the charm of Delhi. But this year, the famous monument of Delhi, Red Fort, hosted the most vibrant and diverse art exhibition; India’s first Art, Architecture and Design Biennale.  From 9th

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Miniature Masters: A Glimpse Into the Life of Nainsukh and the Jasrota Miniatures

Nainsukh: Joy (to) the Eyes was one of the most prominent Pahari Miniature painters of his time and is recognised even today for his immense contribution to this genre of painting. Originally from Guler, his most popular paintings are from his time at Jasrota. His work would go on to significantly influence the Basohli style of painting as well as impact the late stages of the Kangra shaili.

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Indian Floor Art: The Origins of the Rangoli

Amidst laughter and festivities, bright lights and vivid hues, a child sits next to their mother and takes in the mesmerising process of creating a Rangoli floor painting. The mother, an expert, deftly creates patterns of coloured powder by manipulating it between her forefinger and thumb. Seldom do men gather around a rangoli; the process is traditionally reserved for the wives and daughters of the Hindu household.

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Tales of a Parrot: Emperor Akbar’s fascination with the Tuti-nama

As a child, many of us heard the story of the thirsty crow. As we grew older, we came across many stories from Aesop’s fables or the Panchatantra. Not only are such stories entertaining, but they often include a moral at the end. Children are fascinated by animal characters behaving in human ways, so these tales make them more receptive to picking up good values.

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What makes Indian traditional art Indian?

Why doesn’t Indian traditional art use the realistic oil-painting approach, commonly used in international paintings and what are the influences of our great art forms? Since the beginning of time, words have not been enough in communicating ideas, imparting wisdom or depicting tales. As a race, we’ve resorted to a stronger, visual representation of thoughts and data, to try and understand the bizarre world around us, from it’s overwhelming information, to the simplicity of forms, to the nuances of day to day life in this existence, be it of the royalty or the common people, or the animals or the supernatural.

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Bikaner Miniature Painting

Demystifying the Artistic Influences on Bikaner Miniature Painting

Bikaner Miniature Painting: A Historical Fusion of Art Styles With a rich history spanning over 400 years, Bikaner Miniature painting is a unique result of the confluence of Indian and Mughal artistic traditions. Originating as Matheran art in India, it evolved into the distinctive Bikaner art, merging the finesse of Indian craftsmanship with the influence

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December art exhibitions

5 Must-Visit December Art Exhibitions In India

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! In the magical embrace of December, India’s art scene takes on a special glow, resonating with the festive spirit of the season. As the year draws to a close, galleries come alive with exhibitions that not only showcase artistic brilliance but also capture the essence of reflection

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