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Mata ni Pachedi

Tracing the Evolution and Contemporary Relevance of Mata ni Pachedi

In the heart of Gujarat, lies an ancient art form known as Mata ni Pachedi. It represents a vibrant world, where every motif has a mythological tale of devotion and tradition. Practised by the Vaghri community in India, Mata ni Pachedi paintings are used as portable shrines during religious celebrations. Most of these paintings are done on a large cloth depicting deities and Goddesses such as Amba or Durga. 

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Courtesans in Indian Art

Indian art is one of the major sources to understand their evolution over time. The sculptures, paintings and other artistic mediums capture the grace and socio-cultural aspects of their lives. Here’s a glimpse into their depiction in Indian art through different periods.

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Charcoal Painting

Charcoal Painting: Bridging Indian Tradition and Contemporary Expression

Charcoal painting stands as a testament to the enduring power of artistic expression, especially in India. Rooted in ancient traditions yet incorporated by contemporary artists, it serves as a bridge between the past and the present. It weaves together all the elements of traditional Indian artistry and modern innovation through its rich history and allure. 

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A Thousand Cuts: Unveiling Domestic Violence Through Art

Silence, a traditional practice in Indian households. Where “izzat” (honour) and “sharam” (shame) go hand in hand. It was being silenced that commands cohesion to socially acceptable norms. To highlight the issues surrounding domestic violence and suppression, the concept of A Thousand Cuts was introduced.

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Corporate event by rooftop

Corporate Events By Rooftop

While some employees dread the thought of another Friday activity as the deadline clock is ticking others might just want to give the “ice-breakers” a miss. Corporate events by Rooftop have brought a creative twist to these mundane activities.

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Art in childhood development

Cultivating Creativity: The Role of Art in Childhood Development

Art and creativity are integral components of human expression. When introduced at a tender age, they help in fostering innovation and improve emotional intelligence. The exploration of art and the creative conscience from a young age not only cultivates artistic skills but also nurtures imagination. Personally, the role of art in childhood development is beyond explainable. 

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Negative spaces

Embracing the void: The power of negative spaces in art

It contributes to a realm that transcends mere strokes of a brush and takes the viewers on an artistic journey. Mixed with one’s own imagination and creative conscience, the negative spaces of a painting enhance the art. It is a mystery that craves to remain so, not wanting to be filled or “resolved” by an external party. 

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The Artdom Project

Artdom: The Future of Femininity and Freedom

Lynda Nead once stated in her book, “The Female Nude: Art, Obscenity and Sexuality” that women are often portrayed as a token of elegance and lust yet were forbidden in the production of the depiction. To overcome these hurdles, the Artdom project was created.

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