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warli art

Everything You Need To Know About Warli Painting!

India is a land that is rife with culture and heritage; a lot of our traditional art forms date back thousands of years. One such art form among them is Warli painting, a world-renowned folk art practice. Did you know, that Warli paintings are said to be one of the oldest styles of art in

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top 10 art hacks

Top 10 Art Hacks You Don’t Want To Miss!

Are you looking for easy ways to spice up your art? Some hacks that are creative, funny and tested. Rooftop heard you all and has compiled 10 such hacks that are worth trying. Don’t fuss around and get on with all your art supplies. 

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history and symbolism of mandala art

Mandala: The Art Of Living

Instagram has got us so intrigued by the art of Mandala that at least once all of you must have tried drawing it. Along with its alluring look Mandala has a deeper theory and symbolism behind it. It is not just a trendy art but also a healing art.

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