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 Art as a Side Hustle – Monetizing Indian Art

India is one example of versatility when it comes to art and culture. Pick any corner of the country and you shall find one unique style of art representing them and Indians are merely tapping this opportunity. Many individuals with mainstream jobs and responsibilities are taking up art as a side hustle and turning Indian traditional art into a source of modern income.

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Warli Art

Wonders of Warli Art: From Tribal Traditions to Global Inspiration 

Warli art is an ancient tribal tradition which has transcended time and space to become a global symbol of cultural heritage. Originating from the Warli tribal community of Maharashtra, this art form traces its roots back to the dawn of civilization, with its earliest manifestations dating thousands of years ago. Warli began as a documentation of rituals and customs of the tribal community, with simple geometric motifs. Eventually, it has evolved into an expression of human creativity. 

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The Progressive Artists’ Group and the Breakthrough into Modern Indian Art

In the wake of India’s independence in 1947, a group of young, avant-garde artists in Bombay (now Mumbai) sought to redefine Indian art, breaking away from colonial and traditional influences. This vision culminated in the formation of the Progressive Artists’ Group (PAG) in the same year. The founding members—F.N. Souza, M.F. Husain, S.H. Raza, H.A. Gade, S.K. Bakre, and K.H. Ara—were united by a shared desire to create a new narrative in Indian art

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Art: Leisure or Professional?

Art can be viewed through multiple lenses. It is crucial to understand the interplay between art as a leisure activity and as a professional endeavour. In this blog, we shall examine its roles, functions and significance of art and its several contexts. Art offers individuals avenues for self-expression, creativity, and communication.

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Madhubani art

Exploring the Wonders of Madhubani Art

Madhubani paintings are a form of visual expression and storytelling. It serves as a cultural identity for the people of Mithila. Women, in particular, played a crucial role in the development and propagation of Madhubani in their village. They would create intricate paintings on the walls of their houses during cerecomines and auspicious occasions like weddings and religious festivals. 

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Indian Art Going Global

The global love and appreciation for Indian art is more than just a passing trend. It is an evidence of how Indian art and the craftsmanship is timeless. Digital innovations, marketing, and collaboration have propelled Indian traditional art onto the global stage

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Batik Printing

Batik printing in India History and arrival in India

Batik, a unique and splendid art form transforms a simple piece of fabric into a bright and vividly colourful assortment of wonderful designs and patterns. An ancient wax-resist dyeing technique that is believed to originate in Indonesia, batik has over the years spread and etched a place for itself across the world. Though a handicraft, the arrival of batik printing in India is fraught with historical, social and cultural significance.

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Colour Psychology

Colour psychology: Its Influence on the Viewer 

Colour psychology is one of the most powerful tools in art, capable of evoking a wide range of emotions. The setting of a specific tone and mood for the viewer can be achieved through the simple medium of colour. Artists throughout history have recognised the significance of this element and utilised its psychological effects to convey deep meanings. 

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Gond Art: From Tribal Tradition to Contemporary Chic 

Although the times have changed, the tradition hasn’t. We find new alternatives and mediums to keep the tradition alive. In a way, fashion paved the way for Gond art in the modern era. Fashion is an ever-changing and fast-paced industry, it is applauding how artistic designers have added Gond art in nearly everything and how art can bring life to anything.

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