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Miniature Masters: Ruknuddin and the Mughal Influence on Bikaner Miniature Painting

Bikaner is one of the numerous tourist attractions in the state of Rajasthan. This colourful desert town is home to a unique style of Miniature painting. The Bikaner School, or ‘shaili’ as they were referred to, features a blend of Deccan influences with a Mughal touch. This school rose to fame due to the expertise of two painter clans: the eminent court painter Ruknuddin belonged to one of them.

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Women In Indian Art: An Observation

The trajectory of a woman’s image in Indian Art has been wavering and contradictory. During the prehistoric period, she was perceived as the source of life for her procreative ability and her significant support in food-gathering activities and sheltering. At the same time, feminine energy was revered as the goddess of their clan. Over time, the image of women in Indian art varied and went on to become a depiction of grace and beauty.

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January art exhibitions

5 Must-Visit January Art Exhibitions In India

With the new year having just unfurled its wings, it’s time to fly into another month of art adventures! Come peek into our monthly list of unmissable January art exhibitions and head on to an art exhibition in your locality!  Whether you’re someone looking to get back to your traditional roots by exploring Indian art

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7 Art Tips For Artists to Improve Their Mental Health

Artists are sensitive—to the world, to life, to change. We need to work on ourselves in order to learn, grow, and evolve. Art is important, but it cannot sustain itself without an artist. So in order for you to create art, you have to take care of yourself and put your well-being and mental health first.

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Travelling Tales and Sacred Shrines: Devotion Through the Kavad Tradition

Rajasthan has been the source of many interesting artistic traditions. Be it Phad, Arayash fresco making or Miniature painting, the Home of the Kings has been the birthplace of many different styles and techniques. From this regal region comes another folk art tradition that is not very well known. The technique of building and painting portable shrines or prayer boxes is known as Kavad art.

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Indian Artists: Promoting Art For Social Change

Art is the most preferred way to express emotions, narrate tales, or exhibit history in a creative format. Speaking of which, Indian art has often been a metaphor or symbol to highlight relevant issues over time. As we know, Indian art in various forms, like sculptures, wall paintings, architecture and engraved scriptures, has captured historic tales, beliefs and traditions.

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Rooftop – A Guide to Indian Art

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls” quoted Pablo Picasso.

We are sure that resonates with many. Art is widely supported and accepted as a therapeutic tool that helps enhance mental and emotional well-being. But, that seems a far-fetched dream owing to our hustling lives in the city. Moreover, the struggle to find art workshops, authentic artists and flexible time slots adds to the misery.

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crochet in india

Crochet In India: A New Trend Or Ancient Tradition

When you think about crochet, the traditional image that often comes to mind is of an old woman skillfully weaving by the warmth of a fireplace. But guess what? Given the resurgence of crochet, it’s not unusual to see photos like those of diver Tom Daley crocheting away by the pool at the Olympics.  This

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