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The rise of digital art

The rise of digital art in the 21st century

The oldest form of visual art goes as far back as at least 40,000 years with depictions of animals in caves in Indonesia, Spain and France. Since that time, art has constantly evolved, but at its fundamentals, it continues to inspire and resonate with the viewer’s senses, mind and feelings. The digital age began between

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Cheriyal painting has been used for storytelling for centuries

Traditional art forms and its role in storytelling

Imagine a time when there were no cinemas, books or social media. Storytelling in the form of traditional art has been the human civilisation’s primary tool for learning and teaching lore and legends. It truly is an art that brings order to a world that’s often chaotic and confusing. Storytelling isn’t just a pastime, it’s

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The Music in Indian Art

Exploring the music in Indian art is like diving into a sea of rich cultural heritage. From ancient Vedic hymns to contemporary Bollywood tunes, Indian music has always been an integral part of our art and culture. In our latest blog post, we take a closer look at the various forms of Indian music and

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Modern Art Forms

10 Modern Art Forms That You Should Know About

Being an artist or just an admirer, you may have come across this thought: how does art influence today’s society? Or, how has today’s society influenced art in its own quirky way? To begin with, art is neither time nor period-specific; it’s just a way of communicating. So, we at Rooftop have curated a list

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