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Tribal women artists

5 Women In Tribal Indian Art You Should Know

Tribal Indian art is the foundation and heritage of India’s art forms. They originate from the grass root level and are handed down from one generation to another. These arts truly reflect the ethnic and traditional values, lifestyles, and spiritual understanding of a community. However, they are also excellent examples of skilful artistic representations and

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Miniature Painting

Why Miniature Painting is still a raging beauty?

Miniature Painting in India ‘Good things come in small packages!’ Miniature painting, as the name suggests, are small in size. However, they are large in stature, and artistic fervour. Besides, they convey a brilliance of mastery that continues to shine bright in the creative world of arts to date. What exactly are miniature paintings? Indian

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5 Best Pichwai Art-Inspired Designs to Experiment With

What is Pichwai? Pichwai, which literally translates as ‘that which hangs from the back’ from the Sanskrit words ‘Pich” for ‘back‘ and ‘wai‘ for ‘hanging’, are huge devotional Hindu paintings of Krishna that are typically painted on fabric. They are mostly created to hang in Pushtimarg (a subtradition of Vaishnavism) style Hindu temples, particularly the

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Why Art should be considered a STEM subject?

Why art should be considered a STEM subject

When one thinks of education in the STEM fields, art would be the last thing that comes to mind. Art as a STEM subject sounds as strange as it does unimportant. However, this is simply a result of a post-industrial revolution line of thinking where the best you could be as a person is to

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Rare Indian Art Auction at Christie’s in London

Indian art auction is sales events where products and services are bought and sold through bidding. There is a lot of competition among people as they try to obtain their desired item. In Indian art auctions, different types of exclusive artworks are up for bidding, and the highest bidders can own them. Everyone is welcome

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