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Learning Advanced Art Techniques: Composition And Perspective

An Introduction To Advanced Art Techniques Sometimes you may see an interesting effect in a painting and wonder how the artist achieved it. Did they have a fixed method or technique they followed? Art techniques are methods that make the drawing and painting process much easier. They are tried-and-tested ways of achieving a particular effect.

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Indian Art Forms

5 Popular Motifs Seen In Traditional Indian Art Forms

The Art Of Storytelling Using Motifs In Indian Art Forms Traditional Indian storytelling is filled with symbolism and metaphors. Motifs can be used to weave a story by associating simple elements with a myriad of qualities. The multi-faceted nature of symbols has always featured prominently in traditional Indian art forms. Depending on the theme and

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Rajasthan Studio to Rooftop

From Studio to Skyline: The Exciting Journey of Rajasthan Studio to Rooftop

Background of Rajasthan Studio What began as a humble initiative in the heart of Jaipur has now transformed into a bustling global community, reaching heights that were previously unimaginable. This is the incredible journey of Rajasthan Studio and its evolution into Rooftop, a platform for art lovers from all over the world. Born out of

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art movements in India

A Guide to Art Movements in India

Introduction Indian art has a rich history, profoundly intertwining the essence of human expression with artistic forms throughout the evolution of humankind. It encompasses a collection of creative methods dating to the prehistoric era and has significantly expressed human ideas and emotions through various artistic creations. There are various art movements in India, famous for

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pointillism art

Dots that Dance: The Rhythm of Pointillism in Bhil Art and Beyond

Greetings, art enthusiasts! Allow Rooftop to guide you on an extraordinary expedition into the cosmos of minute dots, twirling and spiralling in a captivating ballet across the expanse of various canvases, orchestrating grand narratives. Our destination today is pointillism art form, which is as spellbinding as a starry night where each dot stands for a twinkling

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Rooftop app

Top 10 Art-tastic ways to use the Rooftop app!

Welcome art lovers! Get ready to turbo-charge your creativity with a tool that’s revolutionising the world of traditional Indian art – the Rooftop app! This sizzling-hot art tech platform is not just an app, it’s an art carnival that celebrates the heritage, culture and history of the diverse forms of folk and tribal art. On

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Indian art and tattoos

Indian art and tattoos: History, evolution and relevance

Indian art and tattoos have been linked to each other for centuries. For many traditional tattoo artists, the month of Shravan on the Hindu calendar is considered the holiest month of the year, also the time of peak business. However, the demand for traditional tattoos is on a sharp decline and what was once considered

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Indian Monsoon Painting

The Indian Monsoon Painting – A Seasonal Tryst Of Traditional Art

The lash of rains lifts the scorching heat off the face of the earth, leaving behind a calm and soothing soil, refreshed, energized, and blissful. It is no surprise, that it has the same effect on people and animals too. And because the monsoons have such a visibly emotional influence on almost everyone, it is

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