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Business Studies Through Traditional Phad Art

Phad art

How often do you notice the traditional culture merge with the modern world, while keeping the essence of both intact? While most would agree that it is rare, but, it’s sure to be an interesting sight. Project Phad se Padh morphs this thought into reality by bridging the gap between these two polarized worlds – Indian traditional art & modern time. This particular Phad helps us understand business studies through Phad art.

Phad and its tales of today

A revolutionary art initiative that spins the yarn of academics and traditional folk art into an illustrative fabric called Phad. Phad painting, a 700- year old art form has been narrating the folklore of Rajasthan for centuries. With the toll of time, the art form started losing its relevance in the modern world. 13 generations of the Joshi family from Bhilwara, Rajasthan have consistently contributed to putting Phad painting on the global map. The Phad painting made by master artist Kalyan Joshi to spread awareness about COVID-19 was a step towards popularizing the art form in current times.

All about the project Phad se Padh

Walking on the parallel path of thoughts, Rooftop brainstormed about the endless possibilities of using traditional Indian art to narrate the tales of today. And who better than the youth to change the narrative? Project Phad se Padh, an initiative by Rooftop in collaboration with MSMS II Museum transformed classrooms into art studios. Wherein, students from over 60 schools tried their hand at the traditional Phad painting. Individual Phad projects spanning over 20 ft and above depicted topics ranging from science to history to world politics, business studies, mythology and more. As the name suggests, Phad se Padh is a constructive step towards NEP 2020 that propagates learning through art

The School art work

Students from Brightlands Girls Senior Secondary School, Jaipur have exhibited commendable work of art by working on a 16ft long Phad. Interestingly, this traditional art displays the process of Staffing. The authentic Phad characters portray manpower planning, recruitment, selection training and development and several other aspects of the Staffing process. 

The school staff & students worked in tandem to illustrate a modern topic like business studies through the art form. 

This project not only inculcates a sense of cultural history but also piqued students’ interest in understanding the art heritage of India.

Watch the Phad coming live through a musical representation at City Palace Museum from 13th December – 16th December 2022

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