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Bottle Art Workshop By Pooja Kataria

Bottle Art Workshop

Old glass bottles can be upcycled and turned into incredibly beautiful pieces of art. To teach the attendees more about upcycling, Rooftop curated a Bottle Art Workshop and invited Pooja Kataria. Pooja considers art her passion. She recently developed an interest in experimenting with different art forms. She uses her creative mind to upcycle old bottles into beautiful pieces of art. Pooja aims to inspire other art enthusiasts with her creations. 

The Bottle Art Workshop Began

At the beginning of the workshop Pooja displayed few of her upcycled bottle art pieces, leaving all the attendees mesmerized. Next, she took a plain glass bottle and applied a white base coat with a sponge. After drying the base, she took marine blue paint and applied it over the base coat by dabbing it with a sponge. Then, taking a paintbrush and a crimson red colour she drew beautiful flowers. She then used a shade of green o add detailed leaves and branches. At this stage, the bottle looked quite beautiful. 

The curious attendees asked several questions related to the kind of paints best suitable for bottle art. Pooja patiently answered their queries and also shared a few useful tips and suggestions with them. She applied a second coat of paint to the flowers and used a 3D liner to highlight the flowers and leaves giving it a 3D effect. 

Towards the End of the Workshop

The enthusiastic attendees worked along with Pooja and displayed their bottle arts on the camera. Each participant had painted the bottle differently. The attendees belonged to different parts of the country and and different age groups but their love for art brought them together on a single platform. 

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