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Cinema, the 7th form of art, is the channel for portraying the dynamics of emotions and characters. For 100 years, Indian cinema has been winning over millions of hearts, especially Bollywood. This industry is a moving example of mass appeal. Along with the drama, some Bollywood movies also speak the language of art and creativity either through the characters or the storyline. Let’s explore the Bollywood movies featuring art with Rooftop and how each of these characters or movies evokes a certain emotion through art.

Welcome (2007)

The scene where the character Majnu Bhai played by Anil Kapoor, holds up a busy street to do what he calls as “live painting” got everyone in splits. And of course one can’t miss the iconic donkey and horse picturization named “Majnu Bhai ki painting“. It became a rage on social media. A layered character who is a gangster by profession. A ruthless person abducting and blackmailing people also has a vulnerable side as an artist. The character exhibits immense love for art and deep down looks for validation and appreciation. Now, doesn’t that strike a chord with us? Art is a medium to express, unwind and simply connect to your inner child. Majnu Bhai does just that! Without being self critical, he loves what he paints. Irrespective whether such a hobby suits his image as gangster or not. So this is your calling, paint because it gives you joy. And not only with an intention to turning each painting into a masterpiece.

Fitoor (2016)

‘Fitoor’ as the name suggests, the movie speaks volumes about passion, love, painful separation and a madness that engulfs you when the cupid strikes. But what makes the movie further interesting is how the lead character ‘Noor’ played by Aditya Roy Kapoor displays his emotions more through art than words. A child coming from a humble background aspiring to be an artist falls in love with a girl belonging to elite class, all of this in the picturesque Kashmir.

The love between them plays is an integral part as it builds the character of the artist ‘Noor’ as his love interest becomes the driving factor to achieve something in life. The chinar leaf, a memory from childhood in Kashmir and of his love turns into his masterpiece. You can see him working through different mediums like barbed metal wires a possible metaphor of his life journey and condition. This movie showcases how the artist’s passion speaks through his art.

Dil Chahta Hai (2001)

A relief from the typecast of macho men and scenes of fighting the goons to rescue the damsel, Sidd played by Akshay Khanna is shown as an artist who expresses his inner turmoil through his paintings. The character Sidd is a mature and calm one amongst the trio of best friends. Though surrounded by a buzzing energy of his friends he seems to be aloof at times and this reflects clearly through his paintings. Something which he doesn’t really pay attention or rather turns a blind eye to.

It is when, his muse and later his love interest Tara played by Dimple Kapadia, comes into his life and almost reads the artist’s (Sidd) mind through his paintings. The images usually were alot of closed doors, closed eyes, barbed wires or shut boxes. Sidd’s perspective as an artist and an individual are quite contradictory. This shows how an artist can have different set of minds and the true form is captured only through art.

Hum Aapke Hai Kaun (1994)

Image courtesy: IMDB

When Prem meets his brother Rajesh’s sister-in-law, Nisha, he falls in love with her. To impress Nisha he shows her a painting of himself playing the guitar made by his brother. However, fate has other plans for the lovers when Nisha’s sister unexpectedly dies and she is expected to marry Rajesh.

Boasting a power packed star cast which included Madhuri Dixit, Salman Khan, Anupam Kher and Monish Behl among others, this classic is the all time favorite of 90’s cinema audience.

The movie became the highest grosser at the box office and was a worldwide hit. It went on to win several films including the prestigious National Film awards and the Filmfare awards.

Taare Zameen Par (2007)

This movie strikes a perfect balance between the suffering of a child through his learning age and a parent’s perspective of dreaming the best for their child. How these two worlds collide and the seven year old Ishaan played by Darsheel Safari finds his solace through art makes this movie worth watching. Right at the first scene, Ishaan is seem to be engrossed in swirling the paint with his finger which aptly depicts his love for art. The routine bores him and this leads him to bunk a day from school. During his way back home, he marvels at the beautiful world filled with colours , patterns and art in all forms.

The turning point of this little artist’s life is when his parents send him to boarding school in best interest. But this backfires and the child completely loses his interest in art. The strict and rigid atmosphere of boarding school throttles the freedom of an artist’s mind. A metaphorical scene where he sits in a class staring blankly at a white canvas is heartbreaking. But the scenario changes when an art teacher played by Amir Khan enters his life. He recognizes the child’s strengths and weaknesses. Ishaan overcomes the schooling hurdles through art using patterns, colors and different mediums.

This movie marks the triumph of the child over his difficulties by showing how he finally starts painting and makes a masterpiece. The child artist lets out a sigh of relief when he paints his heart out.

Ittefaq (1969)

Ahead of its own time in terms of direction and theme this movie is a perfect personification of pain and passion synchronized. This 1 hour 45 minutes journey of the protagonist played by the star Rajesh Khanna portrays the role of an artist. He prefers to be aloof from social affairs and is immersed in his passion for art.

The film depicts the flip side of an artist’s mind and psychological needs. Also how a creator/artist is immensely attached to it’s creation and may go to extremes to treasure it. One such scene depicts the same emotion. When the lead character is engrossed in painting one of his proud possessions and he is interrupted by his wife. This leads to a drastic turn of events and the artist finds himself trapped in a maze. This movie slightly hints that there is a fine line between being passionate and being totally captivated & consumed. That an artist tends to surpass.

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (2011)

This movie showcased complexities of life through different phases but in a feel-good manner. It makes you laugh, cry and ponder over how you perceive life. Ever wondered how artists perceive their live through an artistic lens ? This is well depicted through two contrast characters played by Farhaan Akhtar and Naseeruddin Shah. Both artists in their own capacities. While one (Farhan Akhtar’s character – Imraan) is a complete extrovert and keeps his art hidden from the world’s eye. Whereas, (Naseeruddin Shah’s character Salman Habib) is the one with introvert personality. But he displays his art with much pride. Both characters use art as a different medium to express themselves.

Movies give us a peep into the imaginary world but at the same strike a chord with us. These movies used art as a tool to develop the characters and storyline. Layered roles, complex emotions and much more was like watching art – in motion.

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