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Kurumba Painting- A Celebration Of Creativity, Community, And Culture

When you think of tribal art forms, you might think of Warli, Bhil, or Gond painting. After all, these art forms have gained international recognition due to the efforts of artists and the government. However, India is a vast country with hundreds of cultures and communities, and there are still several art forms that are near extinction because not enough efforts have been made to conserve them. Creating awareness about tribal art forms like Kurumba painting is essential to ensuring their survival.

Kurumba painting is one of India’s lesser-known tribal art forms. This blog will guide you through the tools, traditions, and techniques of Kurumba painting.

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Discover the Diverse World of Indian Art at Indiyart

Indian art is a kaleidoscope of styles and art forms, a web interwoven with culture and heritage, interspersed with the spiritual and mystical elements of tradition and folklore. The vibrant, ancient, yet ever-changing, diverse world of Indian art is soon coming to the heart of Hindustan through Indiyart, an Indian art exhibition that will be held at Bikaner House, Delhi.

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The Usage Of Natural Pigments In Traditional Art Forms

A Pioneer In Creating Natural Pigments And Dyes Ancient India was very advanced when it came to the innovative use of natural substances. We were exporters of spices, medicines, and even paint! The practice of using natural pigments such as Indigo to dye cloth continued until the late colonial period. The royal blue indigo, the

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Shape Language And Storytelling In Indian Tribal Art

Art As A Means Of Expression You may be familiar with the use of shape symbolism in movies and books. Characters in comics and animation are often designed using simple geometric shapes to communicate their personalities and motivations. Did you know that this is not a new concept? Ancient Indian tribal art forms used shapes

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Indian Art Forms

5 Popular Motifs Seen In Traditional Indian Art Forms

The Art Of Storytelling Using Motifs In Indian Art Forms Traditional Indian storytelling is filled with symbolism and metaphors. Motifs can be used to weave a story by associating simple elements with a myriad of qualities. The multi-faceted nature of symbols has always featured prominently in traditional Indian art forms. Depending on the theme and

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The Forgotten Women Artists Of The Bengal Renaissance

An Introduction To The Bengal Renaissance Hello, art lovers! Have you ever wondered when women in India began to be recognised as ‘artists’? The rise of women artists in India began during the Bengal Renaissance period, more specifically with the Bengal School of Art. The Bengal School of Art was an art movement that revolutionised

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Jivya Soma Mashe, patriarch of the Mashe family.

Rooftop App Artist Spotlight: Mhase Family (Warli Art)

The Warli painting tradition, originating from the tribal communities of Maharashtra, India, stands as an exemplary representation of the folk art style. Specifically found in cities like Dahanu, Talasari, Jawhar, Palghar, Mokhada, and Vikramgad within the Palghar district, this artistic heritage continues to thrive. The Warli tribal community, residing outside of Mumbai, has nurtured this

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