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The Magnificent Motifs Of Rogan Painting

While Madhubani, Banarasi, and Kalamkari are well-known Indian textile art forms, there are several that remain underappreciated. Rogan painting is one such form of textile art that is still being practised today in Gujarat by members of the Khatri community.
Let us uncover the magnificent motifs of Rogan painting by taking a look at its history and themes.

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How Long Does It Take To Learn Traditional Art Forms?

Can You Learn Traditional Art Forms Quickly? Let’s get right into it. The truth is that traditional art forms are so complex that you can’t learn everything ‘quickly’. Whether you’re a beginner to traditional art forms or a professional looking to expand your skill set, you can easily pick up traditional art forms once you

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Discover the Diverse World of Indian Art at Indiyart

Indian art is a kaleidoscope of styles and art forms, a web interwoven with culture and heritage, interspersed with the spiritual and mystical elements of tradition and folklore. The vibrant, ancient, yet ever-changing, diverse world of Indian art is soon coming to the heart of Hindustan through Indiyart, an Indian art exhibition that will be held at Bikaner House, Delhi.

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The Usage Of Natural Pigments In Traditional Art Forms

A Pioneer In Creating Natural Pigments And Dyes Ancient India was very advanced when it came to the innovative use of natural substances. We were exporters of spices, medicines, and even paint! The practice of using natural pigments such as Indigo to dye cloth continued until the late colonial period. The royal blue indigo, the

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Indian Art Forms

5 Popular Motifs Seen In Traditional Indian Art Forms

The Art Of Storytelling Using Motifs In Indian Art Forms Traditional Indian storytelling is filled with symbolism and metaphors. Motifs can be used to weave a story by associating simple elements with a myriad of qualities. The multi-faceted nature of symbols has always featured prominently in traditional Indian art forms. Depending on the theme and

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Traditional Art in the Digital Era: Challenges and Opportunities

A Glimpse Into The Beauty And Heritage Of Indian Traditional Art In a world dominated by digital innovation and contemporary art forms, the traditional art of India is facing the threat of extinction. Indian paintings have a rich cultural heritage and hold immense significance in the country’s history. However, due to various factors, this invaluable

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Gond Painting

Tracing the history of Gond Art: From walls to canvas

Gond Art is a traditional tribal art form originating from the Gond tribes of central India. It’s a visual language that’s been passed down through generations and is known for its bold lines, bright colors, and intricate designs. Whether you’re looking at a Gond painting, mural, or wall hanging, you’ll be struck by its energy and life.

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Bengal Patachitra workshop

Bengal Patachitra Workshop With Satyaki Chakrabarti

Patachitra is a well-recognised form of historic art. Pata translates to ‘cloth or fabric’, and Patachitra is known as the art of painting on clothes. As a folk art, it depicts many symbolic pieces of the past. Be it the daily life of the locals or the deities that they worship. To learn more about

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