Shibori with Natural dyes workshop

Shibori With Natural Dyes Workshop With Jaishika Ratanpal

‘Shibori’ is derived from the Japanese word ‘Shiboru’, which means to squeeze. It’s an ancient art form that originated in Japan around 2000 years ago. From there, it spread to different parts of the world like China and India. In this process, dyes are extracted by the manual resistance method. Then they’re created into different

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Dry Pastels Workshop with Elizabeth John

Deep Dive Into Dry Pastels Workshop with Elizabeth John

Pastels, also called dry pastels, are a widely used drawing medium mainly executed with flimsy sticks which are the size of a finger. This art form originated in Italy in the 16th century and became popular with many artists of Europe. Pastels are created by combining powdered pigments with a binder which is non-greasy in

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