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Hand Painted wooden coaster workshop

Hand Painted Wooden Coaster Workshop With Sruti Sarvepalli

Every day around us we have a bunch of casual but important little things. As we always use these things, we feel very used to their looks and we wish it should have been different. Such an important small part of art here plays a very salient role as it can help us make anything

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Gouache painting

Morning View With Gouache Workshop By Khushboo Pandey

Morning view is one of the most beautiful works in the field of art and one of the most loved and practised ideas by artists from around the world. It is also quite refreshing and relaxing, which makes it one of the most celebrated forms of art. When gouache paint is used as a medium

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Mandala workshop

Mandalas By The Curious Minds Workshop with Kritika Goel

Mandala, as an art form, is ancient and ritualistic and has been followed in several religions of the Indian subcontinent like Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. This art form is very therapeutic and relaxing when practised. It represents the interconnectivity of everything in the universe. Though a relaxing art form, precision is one of the most

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Aprill's contemporary art

Aprill’s Contemporary Art Workshop With Varsha Panwar

“There is more than what meets the eye”- this says it all about Contemporary Art. Literally meaning “The art of today” is a form that doesn’t adhere to uniformity. The art works mainly produced in 20th & 21st centuries poses varied approaches and outcomes. A medium used by the artists to express themselves openly. It’s

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Dry Pastels Workshop with Elizabeth John

Deep Dive Into Dry Pastels Workshop with Elizabeth John

Pastels, also called dry pastels, are a widely used drawing medium mainly executed with flimsy sticks which are the size of a finger. This art form originated in Italy in the 16th century and became popular with many artists of Europe. Pastels are created by combining powdered pigments with a binder which is non-greasy in

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Mandala with Manali Shailendrakumar Pardeshi

Mandala Art Workshop With Manali Pardeshi

People describe Mandala art as a geometric symbol in both spiritual and traditional ways. There are many circular layers containing different patterns and each of them focuses on various aspects of life. The art form is lively and free-flowing, which attracts many people to it. To learn more about this meditative art, Rooftop conducted a

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Resin Wall Clock With Reshma Makwana

Resin Wall Clock Workshop With Reshma Makwana

Resin art is a blend of unique patterns and textures. It focuses on chemical elements along with the combination of colour pigments. It is a fun art medium to explore and there are many abstract or unique styles that can be created. To learn more about this modern art, Rooftop conducted a workshop with Reshma

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