Soft Pastels workshop with Darshita

Soft Pastels Workshop With Darshita

Pastels are made by mixing dry pigment with a gum binder and some filler to form a thick paste, which is fashioned into sticks and allowed to dry. These ingredients will differ based on pastel type and quality. Cheaper pastels will typically contain more binder and filler in the form of chalk or plaster. Artist-quality

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Soft pastel painting

Soft Pastels Painting Workshop with Smita Niraj Srivastav

Soft Pastel Painting is the type of painting that balances  the line between painting and drawing. The finished pieces done in soft pastel look just as luxurious and shining as paintings. Pastel can be used on its tip, for line drawing or hatching, also on its side, for wider painterly effect.Soft pastel colourd comes in

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