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Gond art

Explore – Where Did Gond Art Originate?

India is a motherland of various cultures and folk art. Folk Art that traces back their lineage to thousands of years is found deep-rooted in the tribes and villages.  One such painting has its roots in a tribe called the Gond community of India. This painting gets its name from the same tribe where it originated i.e, Gond art.

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art therapy

The Ultimate Guide To Art Therapy

Do you use art as a coping mechanism? You might wonder whether it is healthy to drown yourself in these hues. Shocking as it may sound to you but painting is the newest and healthiest way of healing oneself. ‘Art Therapy’ is actual and Rooftop is reaching out to all those who want to recover through the expression of art.

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artworks for monsoon

Top 10 Artworks for monsoon

Will it rain this weekend is the most asked question and honestly let’s not rely on the weather forecast but what we know for sure is the euphoria rain has on us. The drops’ pitter-pattering conspires in a way that all we want is to get lost in the rhythms of rain.

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Coffee Painting Workshop with Manasa Shastry

Coffee painting is a beautiful medium of painting that one can get connected with and bring out their artistic side by making a cup of tea early in the morning. Coffee powder is mixed with plain water in order to get different shades of brown for the painting. To make this art form popular, The

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Impasto Painting Workshop with Chatrya

Impasto Painting Workshop with Chatrya

There are tons of art and art forms for creative minds to explore. All they miss is quality exposure. One such art form that is truly going to win your list of favorites is Impasto Painting. The sparkling spread of rich and vibrant colors used in the art form is truly compelling by all means. 

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Abstract dot art

Abstract Dot Art with Rakshita Jain

Dot painting is one of the easiest forms of art. This is the kind of painting in which dotting tools and paint are used to create beautiful motifs and other designs on paper, canvas, wood and cloth. The best thing about dot painting is that it gives a positive vibe and brings a lot of

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Basics of Line Art Workshop

Basics of Line art Workshop with Anu Bhargavi Sreenivasan

Line Art is described as the art of creating illustrations using basic strokes of different weights and angles that show form and depth. This art focuses only on lines. The history of line art goes back 75,000 years. The first line art drawing is said to be found in South Africa and is 73,000 years

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Acrylic Painting

Acrylic Painting Workshop By Khushi Jain

Acrylic Painting is much more versatile and durable as compared to other forms of painting. Artists prefer acrylic paints as they are fast-drying paints and can be used on different surfaces. Acrylic paint is ideal for bringing your artworks to life. To give our Rooftop Members the experience to learn and enlighten themselves about this

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