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5 Pichwai Artists of India Whose Artworks Reign Supreme

Welcome to the mesmerising world of Pichwai art, a cherished Indian art form that has enthralled art lovers for centuries. Pichwai paintings are renowned for their intricate details, vibrant colours, and spiritual themes. They narrate the divine stories of Lord Krishna (also known as Shrinathji), particularly his enchanting escapades in Vrindavan. In this blog, Rooftop explores

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Rajaram Sharma - Pichwai artist

Rooftop App Artist Spotlight: Rajaram Sharma (Pichwai Painting)

From Apprentice to Master – The evolution of an artist Rajaram Sharma left home at 13 to pursue his calling to be a Pichwai artist. He trained under the aegis of eminent artists of the Nathdwara tradition. Today he is considered a master of Pichwai and Miniature painting. Born in Bijolia, Rajasthan, Rajaram Sharma was

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