Skincare Workshop

Skincare Workshop With Ananya Mahandule

Skincare is a daily regime that is a part of our grooming routine. Lips are the one sensory organ that we make special by pampering it with lip gloss, balms, and lipsticks which have chemicals that often do not suit everybody’s skin type. Many women entrepreneurs make face creams, lipsticks, and lip balms with natural

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Make Your Terrarium Workshop With Akshata Veeranna Kesur

Terrarium is the remarkable art of creating an aquarium for your plants. It gives an illusion of taking a visual look at underwater flora. A perfect addition to the botanic decor of your home. Hand-made terrariums can be of various forms and heights that suit your style. To explore more about this miniature garden art,

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oil pastel carving

Oil Pastel Carving Workshop With Krishna Kulkarni

Oil pastel is a medium that creates an almost impasto effect while drawing. Oil pastels can be used on many surfaces to give them a dramatic look. Many artists enjoy the texture that oil pastels leave and have fun exploring different ways to use it in the artwork. To learn more about this familiar art

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Godna art

Godna Madhubani Workshop With Soojata Arora

Godna is the traditional Indian art of tattooing. This art form is popular among tribal societies that belong to northern and central India. The popular patterns in Godna art are floral and geometric designs, horses, elephants, scorpions and peacocks. To spread awareness about this art form, The Rooftop community conducted yet another innovative art form

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Ink and watercolour

Ink and Watercolour Workshop With Dr Amaey Parekh

A combination of ink with watercolour produces a stunning art that can be free-hand yet exemplary. Painting on a finely drawn sketch emphasises the value of the art. Loose strokes of paint add value to a seamless painting. To learn more about this fascinating style, The Circle Community conducted a workshop with Dr Amaey Parekh.

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