Geometrical Mandala Workshop

Geometrical Mandala Workshop with Shweta Jain

Mandala means a sacred circle. The circle depicts the womb of creation. Mandals are simple geometric shapes that are made from uniform divisions of circles. The geometric designs in mandalas have deep layers of meanings that are usually hidden. A mandala represents the cosmos. To spread positivity and energy through mandala art, The Circle Community

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Mandala with Manali Shailendrakumar Pardeshi

Mandala Art Workshop With Manali Pardeshi

People describe Mandala art as a geometric symbol in both spiritual and traditional ways. There are many circular layers containing different patterns and each of them focuses on various aspects of life. The art form is lively and free-flowing, which attracts many people to it. To learn more about this meditative art, Rooftop conducted a

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