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A Guide To Showcasing Artwork On Rooftop

Photography is an important tool for artists. It is a form of visual art, but it is so much more than that. Artists can use it to take pictures of their artwork, capturing moments of their artistic journey that they can look back on. Let us guide you on how you can use the Rooftop app to showcase your artwork.

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How Long Does It Take To Learn Traditional Art Forms?

Can You Learn Traditional Art Forms Quickly? Let’s get right into it. The truth is that traditional art forms are so complex that you can’t learn everything ‘quickly’. Whether you’re a beginner to traditional art forms or a professional looking to expand your skill set, you can easily pick up traditional art forms once you

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Dulari Devi

Rooftop App Artist Spotlight: Dulari Devi (Madhubani Painting)

Today, Dulari Devi is a well-known artist and illustrator in Mithila or Madhubani art. However, this Padma Shri Award 2021 recipient’s life journey so far is an extraordinary story of passion and dedication. Almost akin to a fairy tale, it is enchanting and magical in more than one way. Surprisingly, her fairy godmothers came in

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Chitara family

Learn Mata ni Pachedi Online Through Rooftop Maestro Courses

Are you familiar with the ancient textile art forms of India? Some of these art forms originated from spiritual practices – born through the devotion and ingenuity of the common people. Mata ni Pachedi, created by the Vaghari community in Gujarat, is one such art form.

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Learn Pichwai Painting With Rooftop’s Pichwai Maestro Course

In the past, you may have stumbled upon colourful Pichwai motifs of cows below a tree, similar to the ones in the below picture. This famous style of painting is a traditional motif of the spiritual art form of Pichwai painting. The art style is delicate, desi, and decidedly spiritual. Pichwai art was traditionally passed

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How To Make Gond Art With Rooftop’s Gond Maestro Course

Attain Mastery Through Maestro Courses How do you learn the authentic techniques of an ancient art form that dates back to the 6th century CE? Obviously, you download the Rooftop app, join a workshop, or better yet, enrol in the Maestro course to learn how to make Gond art. Did you know that the neolithic

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