Macrame Plant Hanger

Macrame Plant Hanger Workshop With Ritvi Mishra

Macrame is an art based on different knotting techniques. It is a utility art as people use it to create things like mats, potholders, wall-hangings, and more. The dramatic patterns give a bohemian and naturistic vibe. To find out more about this distinct art, The Circle Community conducted a workshop with Ritvi Mishra. About the

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Macrame Wall Hanging with Swati Rani

Macrame Wall Hanging Workshop With Swati Rani

Geometric and free-form patterns created using techniques like weaving and knots are known as Macrame. This art has a contemporary and versatile style. Since it has recently regained its popularity, many people have tried their hand at it. To learn more about this craft, The Circle Community conducted a macrame wall hanging workshop with Swati

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