Kalamkari Workshop with Shruti Agarwal

Kalamkari Workshop with Shruti Agrawal

Kalamkari literally means “pen craft”. It is one of the most beautiful Indian art forms that involve block printing and hand printing is done on pieces of cotton fabrics and uses only natural colors and vegetable dyes. Kalamkari art originates from the state of Andhra Pradesh and was used to portray scenes from mythological texts

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Mata Ni Pachedi Art Workshop By Sejal Agrawal

Mata Ni Pachedi Art By Sejal Agrawal

As unique as it may sound, Mata Ni Pachedi is a rare yet beautiful textile hand-painting art form. When we host Circle Experiences at Rajasthan Studio, our aim is to promote and enlighten all the artists out there with a rare and beautiful art form. This experience –in association with Ms. Sejal Agarwal- was a

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