The Intricacies of Golden Pichwais

Although a picture says a thousand words, a Pichwai painting brings life to the epic tales of Lord Krishna, Radha, his gopis, and devotees. The intricacies of the Golden Pichwai painting tradition date back 400 years. It has evolved and adapted to the needs of the time. The artisans hand-painted Pichwais with organic colours, block-printing,

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Mandala workshop

Mandalas By The Curious Minds Workshop with Kritika Goel

Mandala, as an art form, is ancient and ritualistic and has been followed in several religions of the Indian subcontinent like Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. This art form is very therapeutic and relaxing when practised. It represents the interconnectivity of everything in the universe. Though a relaxing art form, precision is one of the most

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