Coffee Painting Workshop with Manasa Shastry

Coffee painting is a beautiful medium of painting that one can get connected with and bring out their artistic side by making a cup of tea early in the morning. Coffee powder is mixed with plain water in order to get different shades of brown for the painting. To make this art form popular, The

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Coffee Painting Workshop

Coffee Painting Workshop with Jasnoor Kaur

Coffee lovers have one more special reason to love their cup of caffeine. Did you know you can use your favourite coffee to create beautiful artwork? Artists have now begun dipping their brushes in coffee and adorning their canvases with wonderful masterpieces using only coffee. The art of painting with coffee is known as arfé,

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Resize Coffee

Coffee Painting Workshop With Gayathri Ashok

Over the years, coffee has become a very interesting form of medium for painting. It is a monochromatic form of art where a single brown colour is used in different shades. Coffee art is soothing as it relaxes you with a beautiful aroma. To discover more about this art, The Rooftop Community conducted a Coffee

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coffee painting

Coffee Painting Workshop With Divya Chandak

There are people who drink coffee and then there are artists who create mesmerizing paintings with it. In ancient European times, colours were not a medium for painting, and people primarily used coffee to paint. Coffee gives an artistic look and great fragrance while painting. To learn more about this art, The Rooftop Community conducted

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