Knife Painting workshop

Knife Painting with Nikitha Kumar

Palette knife painting is the impasto technique of applying paint to the canvas using a painting knife. Master painters Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Cezanne, Marc Chagal and Henri Matisse were known for using this method of painting. Many contemporary artists are now ditching brush painting and using palette knife painting in order to create paintings.

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Dreamy Sky in Gouache Workshop

Dreamy Sky in Gouache with Sriparna Sanyal

Gouache paint is similar to watercolour and acrylic paint. Just like watercolour, one can mix it with water and use it across a canvas, paper or any other artistic surface. Gouache painting goes back to the 18th century at a time when it was used to create historically and visually appealing paintings. To spread awareness

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Realistic art

Realistic Art Workshop with Soumili

Realism refers to the mid-nineteenth century artistic movement that was characterized by painting subjects from everyday life in their natural manner. The term is generally used to describe artworks that are painted in a realistic photography way. French novelist Champfleury coined the term in the 1840s. To spread awareness about this art form among the

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Aipan Art Workshop

Lakshmi Pada Aipan with Richa Kushwaha

Aipan art is derived from the word ‘arpan’ which means dedication. The traditional art form is associated with fortune and fertility. Aipan is mainly done by women as they use it to create places of worship, entrances in the homes and front yard. To educate people about this unique art form, The Rooftop Community brought

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Kalighat painting

Kalighat Workshop With Aayushi Chatterjee

Kalighat Painting is well known for its bright colours and bold outlines. The painting evolved in 19th century Kolkata. The art form always depicted Hindu gods, mythological characters, themes, and characters from everyday life. Kalighat paintings were an effort by a group of artists who belonged to the same family. To spread awareness about this

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Fabric Jewellery

Fabric Jewellery Workshop with Pragya Yagnik

Fabric jewellery is a piece of modern jewellery that has been around for several years and is still a popular accessory among young women. It has a traditional yet modern look. Fabric jewellery is a perfect gift for friends who are nature lovers and who love ethnic yet modern jewellery. To learn more about this

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Bhil art

Bhil Art Workshop with Amruta Murali

Bhils are the second largest community in India based in the states of Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat,  Maharashtra and Rajasthan. Some Bhils trace their ancestry to Eklavya, the archer from Mahabharata. Some scholars believe that Valmiki, who penned the Ramayana, was from the Bhil community. The Bhils are agriculturalists whose lives revolve around their land. To

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folk fusion

Folk Fusion Workshop With Jashlin

Creating art is a wonder. When we practise a certain art form, we feel enlightened and confident about ourselves. Such is the magic of art! But what happens if we mix two art forms? Well, it creates wonders that are completely unimaginable to us! Folk art is something that our ancestors have been practising and

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Resin art workshop

Resin Art Workshop With Bhumika Mantri

Resin actually means epoxy resin, a two-component system consisting of resin and hardener. A combination of these two elements produces a super durable, high gloss hard surface. It has been in use by industrial and furniture industries, and has recently gained popularity for being used in making jewelry, home decor, etc. More recently, it’s been

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Knife and Acrylic workshop

Knife and Acrylic Workshop With Dimpy Tekwani

Painting and palette knives can have more applications than oil paintings as they can be used for acrylic painting since they do not require a muddy mixing of colours that we sometimes encounter in oil paintings. The main reason behind this is that acrylics dry at a fast rate.  To provide the Circle family with

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