useful tips for beginner artist

Beginner Art Techniques!

It might be tough to know where and how to begin, whether you are a newbie who has decided to pursue your passion or someone who wants to experiment with new art techniques.

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Asbstract art with acrylic

Abstract Art with Acrylic Workshop With Divyanshi Lahoti

Abstraction among paintings remains popular because of its independence of creating unique art. Abstract art with acrylics is the best way to convey one’s thoughts through painting. The fun part is that, like any creative work, there are no hard and fast rules, except the ones you make yourself. To learn more about the realism

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Basics of Acrylic Painting workshop

Basics Of Acrylic Painting Workshop With Purnima Jain

A sketch or painting comes to life when we fill them with vibrant colours. What better than a medium of colours that are versatile, quick to dry and easy to paint with. Acrylic colours are one of the best mediums to work with. Artists and art lovers prefer acrylic colours as they are now coming

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