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Fitness and diet workshop with Shivam Shah

Looking For Diet And Fitness Specific Answers? Shivam Shah From Our Ahmedabad Circle Has Got Your Back

How often have you worked out during lockdown? How often have you had midnight munching cravings? How often have you had irregular sleep patterns? If any of this has troubled you, then don’t fret because Shivam Shah has got you covered.  After our story weaving session, we wanted some exercise for our brain and body.
Conversations with Rajat Meghnani

A Web Of Stories Weaved Through Conversations, Together With Rajat Meghnani – An Udaipur Rooftop Experience

We all have stories: stories that are inside of us, waiting to be told, waiting to be heard. Stories about our first love, how emotions grow from the heart, how conversations go on for hours. Rajat Meghnani spun a web of stories, weaved through conversations in the udaipur Rooftop event. This was how Rajat Meghnani
Musical saga with vedant and yojit

A Musical Saga By Vedant Parakh & Yojit Ahuja – A Jodhpur Rooftop Experience

Saturday came two days early for Rooftop Studio with a musical saga! We knew what was in store for us on a Thursday afternoon. With no party outfit whatsoever, we welcomed Vedant Parakh and Yojit Ahuja graciously. Best friends since the third standard by chance and partners in music by choice, their journey began 5
A play with Rasas

Here’s A Play With Rasas As Taught By Rekha Sisodia and Team – An Udaipur Rooftop Experience

If you are happy and you know it, and you want to show it but don’t know how to, Natyansh, the theatre group led by Rekha Sisodia, Amit Shrimali and Mohd Rizwan will show you the play with Rasas. We hosted our Udaipur Circle Experience on 12 May 2020 and believe me, it was a
Letters and digital illustrations

Letters And Digital Illustrations Re-styled by Hima Parmar

With a brush in one hand and an Apple stylus in the other, Ahmedabad Letterer Hima Parmar takes us back to nursery grade with letters and digital illustrations but in style! Kem Cho Ahmedabad? Rajasthan Studio set their first ZOOM step in Ahmedabad, on a relaxing Sunday in May. Hima Parmar, the sugar star of
Art Session on Calligraphy and Painting

Class Of Calligraphy & Painting With Yashasvi Soni

With another edition of WFH- Rooftop Experience, we felt the need to get creative or at least pretend that it was our Friday mood until it variably changed with the news of a calligraphy & painting class. We were very well informed about the apparatuses that we would need for the session: first, the coffee