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First Step Towards NEP 2020: Project Phad se Padh

Life is a domain of beauty, and art just strengthens the beauty through which we view our surroundings. Art and paintings have been prominent in human existence since ancient times, and India is one of the biggest propagators of art. Every region and every state of India has a different art form that needs to
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Project Phad se Padh: Everything you need to know

Rooftop and MSMS II Museum initiated a movement, where the students are encouraged to look beyond and understand the joy of experiential learning through art, painting, and the prestigious culture of India
Phad art
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Business Studies Through Traditional Phad Art

Project Phad se Padh, an initiative by Rooftop in collaboration with MSMS II Museum transformed classrooms into art studios. Wherein, students from over 60 schools tried their hand at the traditional Phad painting. Individual Phad projects spanning over 20 ft and above
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G20 Summit Experiences the Art Heritage of India

The G20 Summit experienced the art heritage of India, exhibited through various art forms originating from different pockets of the country. 
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Rare Indian Art Auction at Christie’s in London

Indian art auction is sales events where products and services are bought and sold through bidding. There is a lot of competition among people as they try to obtain their desired item. In Indian art auctions, different types of exclusive artworks are up for bidding, and the highest bidders can own them. Everyone is welcome
The 9 Avatars Of Goddess And Their Representations
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The 9 Avatars Of Goddess Durga And Their Representations

In the Hindu pantheon, Devi Durga is considered the feminine epitome of strength. Not only she is depicted in various Vedic literature as a goddess having feminine power but also determination, wisdom and punishment beyond this material world. Millions of Hindus worldwide celebrate these nine days of the Navratri festival with much enthusiasm and devotion