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Rooftop Celebrated 75 Years Of India’s Independence Through Its Successful AR Filter Instagram Campaign

Rooftop app is a platform for all art enthusiasts. It gives them a chance to be a part of an exclusive art community. Art lovers can learn different art forms and co-create with professional artists. The community of art lovers enjoy an array of art workshops, corporate experiences and upcoming art courses. An ultimate art
Natural colour of Pichwai
Culture & Heritage

Natural Colours of Pichwai Painting

this 400-year-old traditional Indian art not only showcases symbolic motifs but the usage of colours also carries a meaningful tale to tell. Pichwai painting school stands out for its intricate style of painting done with organic colours.
15 ganpati art ideas

15 Ganpati Art And Craft Ideas For Kids To Try Out

As Ganesh Chaturthi approaches, festive enthusiasts, especially kids, gear up to celebrate with creative flair. The cute little chubby boy-like body with an elephant head makes Lord Ganesha
The prominence of Ganpati in India Art
Culture & Heritage

5 Ganpati Inspired Indian Art Forms

Did you hear the ringing? It's festive bells. Ganesh Chaturthi is around the corner, and we are eagerly waiting for our beloved Ganpati Bappa's arrival
Pattachitra art
Culture & Heritage

Pattachitra Paintings: Folktales Of Orissa Preserved In Art

Pattachitra paintings have been considered a form of folk art since their inception. In Sanskrit, "Patta" means cloth, and "Chitra" stands for a picture
New age art : Resin art

The Rise In Popularity Of Resin Art

During the lockdown, resin art became popular and it could be your next hobby as well! If you've never sin is a chemical compound that hardens to form a more durable material.