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Clay Character Modelling Workshop

Clay Character Modelling Workshop With Abhilasha Bhartiya

Clay Character Modeling or Clay animation uses characters that can be remade from scratch. These are shot frame by frame to give the illusion of movement. The models are generally made with a malleable substance like plasticine clay. A fun Clay Character Modelling Workshop was organized by Rooftop and was hosted by animator specialist Abhilasha
Art Journaling Workshop

Art Journaling Workshop With Sakshi Jain

We all have at some point maintained a secret diary. An Art Journal is just that, but in visuals. It incorporates colors, images, patterns, and whatever you wish to create
Handmade Jewellery Workshop With Parul Pandey

Handmade Jewellery Workshop With Parul Pandey

Handmade Jewellery Workshop: Any piece of jewellery is a girl’s best friend! These days, men adorn jewellery too and make it look all the more elegant. We at Rooftop curated a one of a kind, handmade jewellery workshop, with Parul Pandey. Here, people learnt how to make jewellery at home, at their own convenience. Parul
Tholu Doodle Workshop With Rashmi Singh

Tholu Doodling Workshop With Rashmi Singh

Tholu Doodle Workshop: Tholu Doodling is an inspired doodling method inspired from the traditional craft of Andhra Pradesh called Tholu Bommalata. It is soothing to the eyes and also very soothing to draw. These doodles are also more intricate than other doodles. Rooftop organized a unique Tholu Doodling Workshop to teach this new artform with
Mandala For The Mann

Mandala Artwork To Calm your Mann With Nupur Jain – A Jodhpur Circle Experience

An artwork transcending the metaphysical boundaries and harboring a calm state of mind, Mandala is an art form for your soul.  The uncertainties of the present world are inexplicable and fearsome. The unpredictability of events that have taken a toll of our lives have only doubled the existential fear. Now, all we look for is
Pattachitra Art Workshop

Pattachitra Art Workshop By Bhagyashree Sahoo

Pattachitra Art Workshop: An ancient form of folk art endemic to Orissa and West Bengal, Pattachitra places storytelling squarely in the centre of its art. There are many people who believe that Pattachitra is the world’s first illustrated storybook. The name Pattachitra has evolved from the Sanskrit words – Patta which means canvas and Chitra